Sunday, March 31, 2024

Grumble Jones April Scenario GJ134 - A Bloody Vorpost


As we head into Spring, my ASL life is moving into high gear! A week has now passed since the March Madness Tournament. I had a great time and enjoyed the four games that I got to play. I went 2-2 and historically that's what I usually do at March Madness. I have attended 12 Tournaments since 2013 and my Tournament Record is 20 Wins and 25 Losses. For an average player, I'm very happy with that record. 

I say this often, but it's worth repeating. If you haven't attended a tournament, please give it some thought. Generally, all skill levels are welcome and you will find plenty of people to both play against and learn from. I was very intimidated when I attended by my first tournament. But by the end of Day 2, I was extremely glad that I went outside my comfort zone and made the leap into both tournament play and a much higher level of ASL play and a greater engagement with the ASL Community.

My next tournament venue will be the 2024 Texas Team Tournament in mid-June. Can't wait!

Oh Osprey Campaign Series book...what a surprise 😂. This month's scenario was inspired by yet another Osprey color plate. I picked up this book, because I really wasn't well versed on the Brittany campaign. It was definitely a gap in my knowledge of the Normandy Campaigns. 

This month's scenario is large...maybe a bit larger than I like. But this particular scenario depicts the simultaneous assaults on Hill 103 conducted by the US 29th Infantry Division. It's also the first time, I've focused the entire scenario on a single trench line. This game will be all about the German trench and who owns it.

Dan Best also reviewed it as he normally does each month. His initial thoughts were that 1) it's big and 2) should the Germans have some mines? Short answer is of course yes, the Germans had mines in their defense, but I felt that given the proliferation of Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks...well mines were just one more pain in the butt that the Americans didn't need. So, I kept mines out of the mix. One of the scenario victory conditions allows the Americans to win at the end of any turn, during which they control the 3 Level 3 Hill locations. I believe that the mines would of course find their way onto those hexes and well...yeah...not a preferred situation. And I think that some of the fun of the scenario will be the Germans attempting to repel any American assault on those hill hexes. Time will tell...(assuming of course anyone ever plays the scenario!!! 😂😂)

As always, these monthly "Basement Quality" Scenarios are offered for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of this blog.

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  1. Cracking!, I will have to send off for boards 69,70 and 78.

  2. Thank you for the DASL scenario. You consistently create good ones that are fun to play.