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Grumble Jones March Scenario GJ133 Euphrates Iron Bridge

Another month and another Grumble Jones scenario. This month's will be the 133rd in the GJ series. I'll probably stop after GJ999...of course...none of us will care by then!! It has been quite a journey since I first started posting scenarios back in 2011. GJ023 Hanson's Bridge would be the crossover point as I went away from the gothic title font used for the KSM series. Additionally, I finally...finally figured out how to scan my counters in a straight line. And yes, I'm embarrassed by those early KSM series scenarios. They were intended to look home-made...but dang I did too good a job on that. They were awful to look at and most were awful to play. Some were good ideas, but I was not the player I am today. I'd like to believe I have a better, more disciplined approach to scenario design than back in those early days. 

And Grumble Jones has been an avenue for other scenario designers as well. Years ago, I did some playtests for a couple independent designers who emailed over their designs. And then a few years ago, Tony D'Andrea (long-time friend of the blog) sent over his Stonewalling the Fuehrer design. Dan and I played it and had a blast. And recently, it was featured in MMPs latest SPEC OPS Magazine. Belated congratulations Tony on getting this scenario published by the Big Dogs!! Great accomplishment!

As with many of my scenarios, this month's offereing  would be inspired by an Osprey tome. I have invested heavily in their books and my library is well over 160 volumes with a new one expected today on the Bismarck. Sadly, no scenario will probably come from that book...but you never know with me!!!

GJ133 Euphrates Iron Bridge scratches an itch, that I have had for a while now to create an Iraq based scenario. I scrapped a design years ago around Basra. I just couldn't get my mind wrapped around it. And that's not unusual, as I have many files with discarded scenario ideas. My process requires that I'm really energized by the subject. Most scenarios flow freely once I get to that point. And unfortunately, some of my ideas fall by the wayside. 

I have a tendency to utilize the color plates in these books for a quick and easy visual guide to what the scenario will look like. In this particular book, the British drive into Fallujah caught my interest. The brief struggle for the Iron Bridge leading into the city was the inspiration for this month's scenario. It was hardly a fight as the defending Iraqi regular army threw down their weapons and scattered. A low ELR for them is evident in this scenario. Once they break...they be broke...long time broke. This scenario will play fast and my initial reviews do show it to be pro-British. But the Iraqi MMG can place a fire lane that could play havoc with the British.  It's intended to be a fast-paced fight whereby the British quickly mop up the Iraqis. Hopefully it will play out to expectation. 

Thanks again to my readers for spending your valuable time at Grumble Jones.

As always, these monthly "Basement Quality" Scenarios are offered for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of this blog.

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