Saturday, June 6, 2015

BtB 11 Bosq Barbecue

I've always been a huge fan of Howard Pyle's paintings and from a young age, this one of the British assault on Bunker (Breed's) Hill has always been a favorite. And unfortunately for my British,  it fits well with my AAR of BtB11 the Bosq Barbecue. Big Kansas selected the scenario and I ended up with the attacking British.

The British have 15 squads and 7 tanks (2 of which are Crocodiles). Facing them are 8 x SS Squads with an 88L, 2 x 20L's and 4 self-propelled guns. The British objective is to control 11 or more stone buildings. 

In setting up my attack, I had settled on a two prong approach. Three of  my Churchills along with 2 squads with 51 Mtrs. would move in the center and take up positions with the intent to provide the covering smoke for the main assault creeping along the east edge behind a 1 level hill. That was the plan...but like the British at Bunker Hill...planning and execution were not ever in sync.

Big Kansas' SS troops consisted of 2 x 6-5-8's and 6 x 4-4-7's. So despite being SS, they were not quite as scary as they might have been. But by game end, they would more than prove themselves.

 The German defense had to cover a wide area.  In choosing my approach to the village, I elected to go down the east (to the left) edge of the map, which for the first move would keep my forces concealed behind the level one hill...or so I thought. I decided against the West edge as Big Kansas seemed to have more than sufficient forces to deal with an attack and it would be the longest distance to the objectives. Little did I know that I was falling completely into my opponent's trap.

 Yep...I was soon to be grilling on a George Foreman!!!

Here was the main thrust of my attack. Again, I believed they could move into position safely, allow my center forces to lay smoke and then they would strike towards the village. planning would go out the window almost immediately.

 The German force on the west hill was enough to deter me from wanting to go that direction and again, this was just as my opponent had hoped.

 My boys were moving into a well-laid trap.

 In the center, I believed these units to be real and indeed they would be three of the 4 self-propelled guns. They would do some real damage to my infantry in Turn 3.

I knew that smoke would be critical to whether or not I would have a chance, and unfortunately my smoke attempts would fall short of what was needed.

The German 88L, which I had supposed would be on the west edge hill or controlling the center revealed itself to be in exactly the worst possible position for my Tankers. This 88L would go on to take out at least three of my Churchills, while immobilizing a fourth. It would also claim both Crocodiles.

 On the east flank, Big Kansas' forces were well positioned to repel my planned thrust. Both German MMG's were placed in this sector as well.

 Once, Big Kansas saw that I was fully committed to moving up the east edge, his troops made a beeline back towards the village.

The German self-propelled guns were poorly armored and the only British success came with the destruction of one of them.

 Back along the west edge...I doubled down on failure and pushed my infantry into fruitless assaults on the German 88. A solid wall of MMG fire came at me from inside the village and it protected the gun very well.

I had hoped to use my two 51 MTR's to provide a great deal of smoke. But obtaining RoF was problematic and then I managed to lose smoke capability on both.

As stated earlier, Big Kansas 88 really held the flank and took down everything the British threw at it.

Accurate German fire also hurt my covering force in the center.

At one point, I did manage a critical hit with my MTR. The German 6-5-8 there would then roll boxcars during Rally and become a half-squad.

 As Turn 3 British infantry had been shredded in attempting to cross open ground. I was also down to one immobilized Churchill, one with a Malf'd MA and one that was in pretty good shape. But it was clear to me that victory was not really possible.

My boys were in trouble and on top of that my personal ELR was at zero. It had been a really tough three turns of play for me.  Seeing no reasonable chance of victory, I offered the concession to Big Kansas for once again playing a very well thought out defense that not only fooled me, but managed to lure me in for killing blows.

Big Kansas and his Grenadiers had won a complete victory.

 The end...lots of DM'd squads and burning tanks...signifying the conclusion of the game.

So congrats once again to my opponent, Big Kansas for another well constructed defense that managed to fool me once again. 

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