Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday's Game - Regalbuto Ridge - Turn 3

We picked up our Regalbuto Ridge game again this past Wednesday evening. My regular Wednesday opponent in St. Louis continued to throw his German infantry up on to my British controlled hill. Turn 3 would be a turn filled with miscues, bad rolls and way too many boxcars. By the end of the night , we both just wanted the turn to be we could stop rolling the dice.

So far after 3 complete turns, there have been 7 boxcars rolled between both players. And man have they hurt...

 At the start of Turn 3, the British still had good control of the hills. The Germans had been thrown back, but still had plenty of good order squads positioned to make Turn 3 a German turn.

 My British infantry are 4-5-8's and despite having an 8 morale...they broke like little schoolgirls with NMC's and +1 MC's...I couldn't believe it...

The Germans surged up the hill and managed to survive most of the fire directed at them. But like the British, the Germans also rolled horribly and my opponent watched two of his 8-3-8's roll 12's and become half-squads or Mini-Me's as I like to call them...

Watching 8-3-8's break from NMC's was tough to watch...of course I was grateful...cause I was doing just as badly on my side of the dice cup.

The German 8cm Mortar pounded the British mortar and eliminated my crew as I failed NMC after NMC...8 morale was pretty much meaningless on this night.

As my position caved and my troops fled, the Germans moved up the hill. 

Having failed to stop the oncoming Germans, I was faced with two Close Combats (my record in Close Combat is abysmal...suffice to say that I rarely win). And I would lose these two as well.

 Hmmm...I wonder if I can use 4 sided dice in ASL...

At the conclusion of Turn 3, the Germans had made decent progress. Bad rolls aside, my opponent had made some strong tactical moves that will definitely benefit his attack as we head into Turn 4 next week.

My mantra for next Wednesday's game!!!!


  1. So how are you playing these games? Via Skype and you both have boards?

    1. Yep, cardboard via SKYPE. We both have the boards set up and move all the pieces for both sides.