Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Regalbuto Ridge - Turn 2

As we began Turn 2, my British were feeling pretty confident. The Germans had been repulsed in the south and held in check in the north. The many broken German squads gave me confidence...but Turn 2 would sorely test my Tommies.

 The first clue I had that Turn 2 would be rough was my first Rally Roll...a nice not to start a game...

The German smoke on the hill dispersed a bit, but was still square in my way. My boys on the F9 Hill Hex held strong though and survived a pounding from off board artillery and the German 81mm Mortar.

In fact, they withstood all the fire aimed at them in the German phase with only their 9-1 officer breaking. 

The 4-5-8 even battlehardened to Fanatic.

The German 81mm Mortar continued to pound me with it's high ROF, but again my boys weathered the storm.

A fanatic 4-5-8 is a beautiful thing...just say'n...

While I held off the Germans in the south...I was not as lucky in the north.  My 4-5-8 in G3 would be hit with withering small arms fire and be eliminated. My squad in F3 was pinned and failed to stop the oncoming Germans.

 The Germans in the north managed to put together some healthy fire groups.

Is there anything else scarier than seeing an 8-3-8 move adjacent to a pinned unit....I can't think of anything!!!

Avon calling...

The dreaded Close Combat...oh how I hate them...and yes because I lose them so often!!!
 The Germans got ambush and whoosh...another 4-5-8 removed from my OOB.

 Despite losses and broken units, the Germans continued to move forward in the south. I really had very little to slow them down.

They just keep coming...

 In my part of Turn 2, my Tommies set to work with pick and spade. And only managed to dig one foxhole.

Must dig faster....Jerry is bounding over hill and dale...
My heavy mortar fired successfully through the German smokescreen and managed to DM the German 4-6-8 with the MMG. England's greatest success on Turn 2.

Good job boys!

The German Defensive fire proved to be too hot for me and my boys were finally routed off of F7.  

"Drill ye terriers drill...for it's work all day for sugar in your drill ye terriers drill..."

A last look at north hill top position. The Germans may well get a toehold on the hill before we get any foxholes...

Here's to hoping my Bren Gunners are ready for Turn 3!!!

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