Monday, March 10, 2014

Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game - NIGHT II - German Counter-Attack!!!

 Having secured the Bridge...Major Howard and his men ready for the German counter-attack from the garrison in Le Port.
 Frantic calls for help fill the German switchboards...
 In Le Port the garrison commander pleads for reinforcements..."Send us Grumble Jones ASAP before the British secure a bridgehead across the Orne..."
 "Meine liebe Pluskat...Grumble Jones always rolls high when he has 16 Factor Fire Groups...isn't there anyone else???"
 The action on Night II was every bit as exciting as Night I. The NVR reduced to a "1" and that gave the Germans the edge they needed to move right on top of the British. In four turns, the British were rocked back and forced to retreat towards the bridge. Only Major Howard remained, cutoff from the rest of his troops. 4 German tanks moved in for the kill. Three Hull-down Piat shots all landed and left 2 burning and one destroyed tank. Only 1 German tank survived. The destruction of the German armor was the turning point in the battle. By turn 5, Major Howard was ambushing German stacks left and right and leaving dead Germans in his wake. Despite their successes, the Germans began to fall back as the British Paras rallied. The Germans had come within a hex of the bridge before falling back to Le Port to prepare for the defense of Le Port. I managed to roll out of the game at the end of the German phase of Turn 6 and breathed a huge sigh of relief. The Brits might be hearing..."Hold until Relieved...", but all that was running through Oberleutnant Grumble Jones' head was "live to fight another day!!!"
 The kind French Fraulein from earlier proved to be a double agent as she revealed German positions to the British after a successful interrogation. We knew she could not be trusted!
The setup areas for Night III. (again corrections may be necessary in the event of any errors on my part.) The Germans made some great gains, but rather than remain in close contact with 15 British 6-4-8's, have retreated to defensive positions outside of Le Port. I am not sure if this strategy will pay off in the long run. No matter the final outcome, this CG has been pretty thrilling to play out. Can't wait for Night III!


  1. Losing three hull down tanks, that was tough


  2. It was a turning point in the game. I was hoping to use the tanks to deny a rout path for a stack of broken paras, but a single 7-0 with a Piat saved the day. After that the German wave had broken.