Saturday, February 22, 2014


 Last night's game was a primer for starting the long Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game. And true to form Howard's Men performed gallantly and brilliantly.
 In a first for my 30+ years of SL and ASL...I got a successful interrogation...shhhh...let's listen in as my clever Germans obtain valuable intel from an unsuspecting French woman.  "Good evening Fraulein...have you by chance seen any British about?" "Why yes...there is a 7-0, an LMG and a 6-4-8 hiding in the 1st floor of that building behind you." "Danke sehr have been most helpful."
 Overview of the movements...John Madden style...My strategy involved allowing my tanks to become burning wrecks to blind the Brits as I slipped around the other side in the irrigation ditch concealed by an NVR of 2 which eventually became a 1. It sounded good in my head at the time...
 End game view. The only German 4-4-7 to get near the victory hex was DM'd by the British Hero, who ironically was the object of the game's very first Close Combat, from which he escaped unharmed. A Hero indeed...
 Overall, I believe my plan for utilizing the irrigation ditch and only moving in advance phase was a sound one. Unfortunately, the British Paras did not sit idly by and watch me creep along. They pounced and went Close Combat on my Teutonic backside.
 My idea of letting my tanks become sources of blinding illumination wasn't a half bad idea and the resulting smoke actually would have given my troops a great approach angle had I gone the other way rather than go down the irrigation ditch. Live and learn!
Pegasus Bridge remains in British control...for now...but we shall meet again Kamerad...very soon I should think...

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