Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bloody Borisov nears it conclusion as We complete Turn 6

 Turn 6 last night was a rough one. ASL is an unpredictable game and the best laid plans will often result in something completely unexpected. So sit back and let's recount the nightmare that was Turn 6 of Bloody Borisov.

 In the south, the Germans began mopping up the last remaining Russian resistance. My Ukrainian conscripts have fought well and done far more than expected in tying up German forces. But their time is nearing its end. The Germans are moving back towards their transports in order to assist their comrades in the main village.
 The Germans finally manhandled their 50L AT to the top of Hill 498. It will have a commanding view of the village to the north and should help the German cause.
 The war in the village center continued unabated. The Russians suffered from German punches and the German armor has finally fishhooked behind the Russians. The pincers will shut soon and I anticipate a lot of Russian hands in the air in Turns 7-10.
 Sensing the moment was right, the Germans have launched their long expected thrust across the road and into the Russian positions. It is a bold move, but the Russians were knocked on their heels in Turn 6 and the Germans may be unstoppable at this point. The coup de grace may be imminent.
 In the north, the surrounded German 10-2's struggle to survive was assisted by the two Stukas, who effectively pinned two of the Russian firegroups. It was an outstanding tactical move by my opponent and one that may have effectively sealed the fate of the Russians.

  You may be wondering..."Where did that 10-3 come from"...oh let me tell you may sad story. As the 10-2 struggled to withstand the Soviet onslaught, he lost 1 x 4-6-7 to a DM and was himself broken. The Soviet Tank continued to fire though...hoping to complete the destruction of the 10-2 and his remaining 4-6-7. But opponent proceeded to roll 3 straight snake eyes. In an instant, a good order 10-3 Officer arose from the steppes along with a 1-4-9 Hero, who we shall call Schnurbart. My Russians were suddenly blinded by the setting sun's glinting from Knight's Crosses hanging boldly from the throats of the Germans who possessed with Teutonic Fury are moving to eliminate their tormentors. Kind reader, you may recall that last week, I had fully expected to eliminate the 10-2 and his two squads. Now...I find myself cowering in terror at the monster that I helped to create. I find myself sitting in the dark (of my game room) looking over at Martin Sheen and muttering to myself..."The Horror...the horror..."

 Back at the two story Russian Hotel Solidarity things didn't go much better. My 9-2 attempted to move forward and begin singing an HMG song of death...but the German sniper pinned my HMG squad and the remaining Panzer MKIII showed up to shower them with early Christmas presents. And I succeeded without too much effort to break my remaining MMG just when I needed it most.
We leave turn 6 with a view looking from the north to the south and the German wave moving across the road. We bid Turn 6 farewell...and hope that the foxholes we are digging are not in fact...the graves for my gallant defenders of Mother Russia. There is yet hope that we will not fail Brother Stalin...and yes...winged monkeys may fly out of my backside too...

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