Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Winter Melee - Turn 3

 Lots of little parachutes showing my Russians scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.
 The Germans had a field day...lots of DM's sticks and a 9-1 officer and 1 x 6-2-8 KIA'd by very good German fire. And my rolls continued to be terrible...lots of 9's and 10's tonight.

 A few sticks landed in advantageous we'll see if I can capitalize on it.
 My boards have suffered over the years. But they are from the '70' not too bad for 30+ years of service.


  1. Parachute drops were one of my favourite things when I played SL. There's nothing more chaotic!
    I should try something similar in a miniatures game.
    Those boards look pretty good for old campaigners.
    Blessings to your die rolls!

  2. Thanks Mike..I definitely help with my rolls. It's funny...I could never roll 6's in a game of RISK and can't stop rolling them in ASL!!!