Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Victory is Life (continued)

 Victory is Life is an excellent name for this scenario. Having been on the losing end for so long...I'm nearly desperate to prove I can still play a capable game of ASL. And the one complete turn we finished tonight stressed me pretty good. The view here is of the southwest corner. My infantry screen took some damage from the T-34 at the top of the picture. It got a hit and I then rolled a 12 on the rally attempt. Instant half for the moment this attack group hasn't done much except tie up some Russian infantry...which is good thing all by itself.
 Here is the where the game will be won or lost. I predict a veritable blood bath in the stonewalled enclosure. My opponent ran his 8-1 and 2 6-2-6's to where the PIN and another pair where the acquired target is. In one fell swoop, my stack of 10 fleeing Italian staff officers was trapped between 2 stacks of Russian combat engineers. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw how easily my opponent trapped me. But then, my concealed stacks opened up and broke the northernmost stack and pinned the officer. My Stugs moved up quickly to deny rout and two Russian squads bit the dust. This also opened an escape route for my 10 officers who quickly occupied the woods to the north. Of course my opponent now knows where I am attempting to escape. So the next 6-1/2 turns are going to be rough!
 In the northwest, my Demo Charge teams made their assault on the T-34, but were broken by a critical hit by the tank. They then rolled a 12 during rally and made another half squad. What joy...If I am going to win this game...I will have to eliminate the T-34 and the 4-4-7 stack just south of it.
 In the southeast, my loan Italian Hero is bravely manning his ATR in the company of dummy concealment counters...which my opponent now knows are dummies...
A look at the center, where the Russians will soon be leaving in an effort to interdict my escaping staff officers...stay tuned...

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