Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AP17 The Valley of Death (cont.)

 Things on the right flank at the start of Turn2.
 A look at the center. 2 Berserk Italian 4-4-7's ready to launch themselves to death or glory.
 Things on the left.

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  1. Odd game tonight. I rolled way too many 12's tonight and broke a LMG and my 82 MTR. On the plus side, two Berserk Italian squads went down, but one Russian 4-4-7 also went down the in hand to hand combat.

    As we head into the bottom half of turn 2, the MKIII has moved onto the hill on my right flank and will certainly begin cleaning house there. The Russians are still strong in the center, so that will be my Napoleonic "Central Position".