Monday, September 10, 2018

The annual Grumble Jones Halloween Scenario is coming soon...'s that time of the year, when we begin thinking about the annual Halloween Scenario here at Grumble Jones. Over the years, we have had Zombies...time travel monsters, crocodiles, and more Zombies. Maybe it's time for something a little bit different. So this year, we're going Jurassic. Over the next few weeks, I will be loading the backstory information and of course the videos to accompany this year's effort. 

As the title of this year's scenario suggests, Joachim Peiper will be the main character in the drama that unfolds. Peiper is one of those controversial personalities from the Second World War that provokes strong emotions. Some social media sites even ban him, which is unfortunate as Peiper contributed militarily to German success in Russia and later during the Battle of the Bulge. He became infamous following the Malmedy Massacre. He would receive a sentence of death after the war for his part in that war crime. His "Blowtorch Battalion" committed similar atrocities only a year before during the recapture of Kharkhov in 1943. Undoubtedly, his units engaged in an unforgiving and ruthless version of war that was all too often standard procedure for Waffen SS units. 

Peiper's death sentence would ultimately be commuted and he would eventually be freed in the late 1950's. He would spend the remainder of his life in France, where he would be murdered under mysterious circumstances in 1976. 

We will take creative license to create a new backstory in which Peiper plays a key role during another of the Third Reich's supernatural events. So, while Peiper will be a key player, we make no effort to glorify the man or his crimes. We will simply create a fun, supernatural scenario, where this German personality plays a key role.

So, look for future posts throughout September and then the scenario itself will be released in mid-October.

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