Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Madness 2018 - Livin' the Stug Life in ol Kansas City!!!!

March can only mean one thing...the Kansas City ASL Club's March Madness Tournament!!! Where Panzergrenadiers rule and every die roll is a game WINNER!! And yes...the Basterds were back together again to wage cardboard war!

Here now are the pictures from this year's EPIC 2018 March Madness Tournament!

 I had some issues with glare when taking pictures of the games...so you won't see too many of those shots. This will be blog lite tonight!!!

 My Round 2 opponent, Mr. Burnie Hegdahl. Burnie and I played a real thriller that came down to the last turn close combat. A great game and I hope we will get a chance to play again!

 Mr. Dave Mareske, who worked tirelessly to make this year's March Madness full of ASL awesomeness! Oh and yeah...Dave is Livin' the Stug Life!!!

 I actually advanced to play in the Third Round...WOOHOOO!!!

Jeff Ital and Dave Ginnard hard at war!

 Justin Williamson - my Round 1 opponent. We had a fast and furious game, with lots of combined armor and infantry action. Fun game!

 Jim Burris, my Round 3 opponent. Jim would end my Cinderella Story, but we had a great game, which was awesome fun from Turn 1 to Turn 8.

Dave hard at work. 

 Mike Bistodeau and I played a pick-up game to close out my March Madness festivities. A great way to end the tourney.

 Dan Best with his Starter Kit Trophy!

 Which Bistodeau is Best...??

 Scott Martin and Dan Plachta playing under the watchful gaze of Jim Burris. Dan and Jim would play for the championship with Dan coming out on top to win this year's March Madness title.

 Livin' the Stug Life!!

The boys will be back in 2019!!


  1. March 15-17, 2019! We are under negotiations with the same hotel, which was an awesome space with room to grow. Dave Mareske

    1. Good deal Dave! I really enjoyed that hotel. The place was great and the people at the front desk were first rate.

  2. Ditto. Great location and plenty of room. KB