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Our Saturday Game - Scenario FT 212 - From the Cellar Pack 8

To kickoff our 2018 series of "Our Saturday Game", Dan Best and I chose a scenario from the new Le Franc Tireur - From the Cellar Pack 8. It was Dan's turn to pick and he selected FT 212 (designed by Michael Koch). Now normally I would list the title, but in this case we'll just go with FT 212. With readers in Germany as well as all parts of the former Yugoslavia, I want to be sensitive to the respective feelings of my international readers. I am no fan of censorship...but where Nazism and other extremist ideologies may be at's necessary to ensure that a simple ASL AAR does not contribute to anything but our great game.

Scenario FT 212 deals with the fighting around Sekovici, Bosnia. Elements of the SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 28 were surrounded by Partisan units. A relief group from the SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 28 was sent in to rescue them and scatter the Partisans during the German Operation Maibaum. 

The green-shaded area is the operational area of the 13th SS Handschar Division of which the 28th was a part. 

As normal, we rolled for sides and Dan would be the Partisans and I would be the SS Gebirgsjaeger. The victory conditions for the scenario required the Partisans to control at least 8 of the buildings on Board 5a between rows B-F. 

Dan would command elements of Tito's 17th East-Bosnian Division. He would have 15 x 4-4-7's, a 2-2-8, all led by a 9-1, 8-1 and 7-0 with 2 x MMG's, 3 x LMG's, a 50 MTR and a 76*ARTY Gun. By SSR, the Partisans had to set up on the various level 2-3 Hill hexes of boards 2, 15 and 5a.

As the scenario defender, I would command elements of the 28th SS Gebirgsjaeger Regiment. I would begin the game with the following forces in he village of Sekovici: 4 x 4-4-7's, a 2-3-7 led by an 8-1 with 2 x LMG's. Woohoo...not really a lot of force there.

On Turn 1, I would get 9 x 4-4-7's led by a 9-1 and 2 x 8-0's with 3 x LMG's, an MMG, a 50 MTR and an 81mm Mortar. Ok, this was a nice little force.

 After finally winning a game after a long losing streak, I entered our game with a positive state of mind. That would all change with the first Prep Fires from Dan's Partisans. Dan's 50 MTR opened the game and handily managed to KIA a concealed 2-3-7 at the end of the village.  Dan's dice were on fire and would cause me great harm for most of the game.

Dan's 50mm Mortar would be one of the outstanding assets in the game.

 So at the conclusion of the Partisan part of Turn 1, Dan had already placed 8 building locations under his zones of control. Dan had successfully executed his plan. He had intended to take the village by Turn 2, so that he could prepare to defend it from my reinforcements. 

In ASL...seeing your plan actually come together is a very cool thing. So kudos to Dan for great execution in this scenario.

 Despite having already failed my personal ELR...(it was still only turn 1...too early to concede!!) I sent my reinforcements into the fight. Perhaps I could salvage some of my dignity!!

 My sniper was a bright spot in the first turn and managed to DM a 4-4-7 on the south end of the village. 

 My attack plan was to send my 9-1 with the MG's  into the gully and come up from the south. Another group would hit the center along with both mortars. And lastly three squads would head north to take down the 76 ARTY. 

It seemed like a good plan...but so does Cow Tipping...right??

 Going into Turn 2, I was still in the game...I think...

Turn 2 would see Dan complete his conquest of the village.  Two of my 2-3-7's would succeed in DM'ing three of Dan's attacking squads. And one 4-4-7 would be KIA'd. It would be the high water mark for my Gebirgsjaegers.

 Dan's plan had succeeded. He had control of the village at the end of Turn 2.

 I had hoped to make it a bit harder to take the village. But that plan didn't quite work out.

"Don't say that Sam!!!"

 I continued moving towards the village.

 I tried hard...I mean hard to get at Dan's 76 ARTY. I even made some good moves..but he intensive fired and broke and scriptified me...

 Turn 3...I was still trying to make a game of it.

 Turn 4 -- I was finally in position to put down some fire. I focused on one of the houses on the south end of the village. My 81mm Mortar and 9-1 stack both fired, but did nothing.

It was gratifying to finally get at least one shot off with my 81mm Mortar after dragging it across cardboard creation.
As Turn 4 ended, I gave Dan my concession. We both agreed that my boys were not going to get it done tonight. Dan's hot dice and my cold dice were creating a perfect storm that I couldn't stand up to. I did tell Dan that it was a bit of a humiliating defeat. 

...but I should get over it ok...

Dan, well done my friend! I am looking forward to a great year of ASL!

Dan and I will be back next Saturday for a playing of AP 80 A Bloody Waste. See you then!

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