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Our Saturday Game - ASL Scenario FT99 "The Doomed Tirailleurs"

For our next scenario, Dan and I returned to the Le Franc Tireur, From the Cellar Pack 3. The chosen scenario would be FT99 - The Doomed Tirailleurs, which was designed by Scott Holst. This scenario utilizes the Pegasus Bridge map, which really appealed to me, since I hadn't played on that map since 2014's epic PB Coup de Main CG.

This scenario depicts the fighting around L'Arbresle, France on June 19th, 1940. The collapse of the French Army was imminent, but certain colonial units continued to resist. One of these was the 25th Regiment de Tirailleurs Senegalais. The Senegalese would give a good account of themselves as they fought against the Grenadiers of the 3rd SS Totenkopf Division. 

My opponent, Dan Best rolled and ended up with the Senegalese and would be the scenario defender. Dan's forces would have the task of keeping my Germans from controlling 23 or more buildings. I'll say it here...23 buildings was a lot to have to control. To keep me from victory, Dan's forces would consist of 2 x 4-5-8's, 6 x 4-5-7's, and a 2-3-7 lead by an 8-1, 8-0, and 7-0 with an HMG, MMG, 2 x LMG's, a 60 MTR and 25LL AT Gun and 37* INF Gun. On Turn 2, Dan would get reinforcements consisting of 2 x 4-5-7's with an LMG led by an 8-1.

Of the colonial troops serving in France in 1940, the Senegalese were some of the fiercest fighters.

Per SSR, the Senegalese would also be treated as Gurkhas and would be able to initiate Hand to Hand in close combat. I would certainly regret going into close combat with these hombres.


Part of their effectiveness in close combat was due to their skill with the Coup Coup Machete.

 My boys would get a lesson in Machete use during this scenario.

As the scenario attacker, I would command elements of the 3rd SS Division, "Totenkopf".  The campaign in France would be the first time that SS Divisions operated with some independence. The Totenkopf would start earning its infamous reputation during the Blitzkrieg through France.The Senegalese would experience no quarter during their fight against these SS.

My force would consist of 6 x 4-6-8's, 4 x 4-4-7's, 2 x 2-4-8's led by a 9-1,8-1 and 8-0 with an MMG, 3 x LMG's and 4 armored cars for support.

While my boys were fairly tough, I was concerned that I lacked some punch. I hoped that my armored cars would provide the extra firepower.

As always, I was confident that I could achieve the victory conditions. Rarely, do I ever enter a game despondent that the victory conditions are out of reach.

A quick view of my entry points (note I forgot to place the overlays at start). I wanted to hit Dan's troops from both flanks. My heaviest force would be in the north. Once I placed the overlays though, I would adjust them more to the center. In the south, my armored cars would lead the armored assault.

Ahhh...plans...always better in the beginning than by the end!!!
 With the overlays in place, it was clear that my concentration in the north was folly. (Scott Holst...I see what you did there and definitely improves the game!!!) I quickly adjusted and moved to the center, but I did end up with my 8-0 and two 4-6-8's stranded in the north.

I think if I play this one again as the Germans, I might try to run the armored cars through the overlay gap in the north. It certainly opens up some possibilities.

 As my armored cars rumbled on the south road, Dan's Senegalese fired away with the 37*. Fortunately for me, the gun would miss and then break on its next fire opportunity. 

 On Turn 2, I moved aggressively along the south road up the middle. Dan;s 25LL AT Gun was waiting for me in the center. It immobilized the first armored car and destroyed the second one. A very inauspicious start for my armor support.

 My infantry had some breaks in the south, but did ok in the middle and in the north. 

 At the end of the German phase of Turn 2, my forces were threatening in the center, hurt in the south and still getting into position in the north.

Dan's forces were content to stay concealed and wait for the right moment to open fire.

By the middle of Turn 2, the game was picking up steam and a real fight was beginning in the center. Unknown to me was that Dan's kill stack was sitting in Hex. II10...or is that II11??  Dan's 9-1 and the MMG would soon make their presence known.

The enemy is out there...and he's hungry...
Dan's Turn 2 reinforcements rolled in and headed towards the south, where my armored cars were still intact.

 BOOM!!! Dan's kill stack unloaded and broke the troops with my 8-1 and the single squad adjacent. Just like that my center force was given a bloody nose.

 Turn 3...I was feeling a little fatalistic after my spanking in the center, so just sent my boys charging ahead. And miraculously most of them actually made it....Go figure!?!

But in the south, one of my armored cars made a run down the road to turn Dan's flank. His LMG opened up and wham...KIA'd my armored car. said it Glenn....

 My recklessness continued as I leapt into three Close Combat with Dan's expert Machete fighters. Yep...I was full of bright ideas!!

In order to win these close combats, I would need a lot of luck and maybe win some ambushes.

 Fortunately...I would win ambush and put away Dan's 8-1 stack...which was about as much luck as I could have asked for.

 The momentum had swung to the Germans in Turn 3 and my 9-1 was sitting in control of the center crossroads. But could he hold it???

He was the squad leader...and I had faith in him to get the job done.

 Only in the north center did I not win the close combat. But Melee would work.

or maybe not...since Dan's Senegalese would be able to go hand to hand in the next Close Combat Phase.
 At the mid-point of Turn 3, I was in a good position. I still had some good potential to grab some real estate.

 Dan's Senegalese would suffer a tough hit from the German sniper as KIA'd the new French 8-1.

He had brought the reinforcements up with good speed...but caught the attention of the German Sniper.

 It's interesting how often the Sniper affects a scenario.
 Dan's Senegalese really hated my armored cars and did everything in their power to eradicate them. A 2-2-8, recently parted from the broken 37* managed to take out my third armored car in close combat.

Going into Turn 4, I was still optimistic.

Well...I think so dude...

 In the north, I sent my boys rolling around the ends. I would have made it too, but sneaky Dan's mortar managed to stop me in my tracks!!!

 It was also at this time, that Dan's AT Gun finally knocked out the last, immobilized armored car in the center. My armor was officially eliminated in full.

 I had made some progress in the middle, but was pretty much confined to the east side of the road.

The consensus among my boys was that we had too many broken and KIA'd comrades...we couldn't hang on to the buildings we were collecting. 
 In the south, Dan had control. My efforts there were over. The center and north were my last zones to make some gains.

 With my forces busted up in the south, I didn't have any way to stop Dan from reinforcing his center and coming after me with his Machetes....I hate Machetes...

nice Machete...

 My final effort in the north was almost successful. Dan whiffed on the first fire and then got me with the subsequent...DRATS!!!

 (I was pulling for the this was epic!!!)

 With few options, I decided to go Pokemon...I mean building control hunting!

 In the center, I was beginning to collapse. The Senegalese were moving forward. Time was running out.

German high tide as I had collected 15 of the necessary 23 Building locations required for the victory. Dan would take back several of these before the scenario end.

Dan's final counter-attacks would eliminate some of my gains and eliminate much of my remaining troop strength. Some of the final face to face fights would also result in the elimination of both parties. Rough stuff...all that machete hand to hand.

 Game end. As we finished up Turn 5, I gave the concession and Dan's Senegalese would have the victory!

With only 1-1/2 unbroken squads was pretty clear that my time was up.

A great scenario with some interesting tactical problems. This is definitely one that would be fun to replay and try some different approaches to using the armored cars.

Congrats to my opponent on a great win and for changing history with his Senegalese!

What's that sound??? Could it be Junkers 52's taxiing for take-off...why yes is!!! Stay tuned for next Saturday's game to find out where those Junkers 52's are headed!!!

See you next week!

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  1. Played this scenario a couple of times and it was great fun. I also really liked the opportunity to play on this map again