Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our Saturday Game - ASL Scenario Z26 The Cemetery

After a week hiatus while I began my new life in Quincy, IL...Dan Best and I resumed our Saturday Cardboard via Skype session. I had to improvise a bit to make the call happen from my hotel room...I'm staying at the Althoff for the next month. (

Hearing Dan's voice over the Skype connection was very welcome after a lonely couple days. My wife had headed back to Tulsa on Friday morning. So, suffice to say, a nice game of ASL was just what the doctor ordered.

For this night's gaming, Dan and I selected ASL Scenario Z26 The Cemetery. I had played this one once before with my regular STL opponent. In that game, my Partisans were soundly thrashed by the SS Paras. As in that previous game, I drew the Partisans and would be tasked with eliminating the German SS Para-Battalion who were trapped in the cemetery in Drvar. To accomplish this I would have 9 x 5-2-7's, 11 x 3-3-7's, led by a 9-1, 8-1, and 9-0 with an MMG, 3 x LMG's, an ATR, DC, 2 x 50 mortars, and 2 Piats.

My Partisans would be highly motivated to ensure that the Germans did not capture Tito.

Dan, as the SS Para-Battalion 500 would be the scenario defender trying hard to repel every Partisan assault to await their relief. Dan's force would consist of 5 x 6-5-8's, 4 x 5-4-8's, 2 x 4-4-7's led by a 9-2, 8-1, and 8-0 with 2 x MMG's, 2 x LMG's, and a Panzerschreck,

Dan's boys would be highly motivated as well...trying to survive the night.

Operation Rosselsprung or The Knight's Move was the surprise German attempt to capture Tito in his HQ near Drvar. 

The assault was nearly successful, with Tito just barely escaping.

Having failed in their primary mission, the men of the SS Para-Battalion 500 would soon find themselves fighting for their survival as they were surrounded in the Drvar Cemetery. 

This scenario takes place at night and is really a very straightforward slugfest. The Germans are surrounded and the Partisans are moving in for the kill. The white arrows indicate my planned assault. I intended to his Dan from all sides at once.

An early star shell did hinder some of my units from moving, but overall, my first turn moves went very well. My 9-0 Commissar with 3 x 3-3-7's was the only unit to stray.

Which way comrade?...I'm not sure...give me a moment...
Time was short in this scenario, but nonetheless, I moved my units cautiously into position. I wanted to have all units attack at the same time. I wanted avoid any piecemeal rush at Dan's forces.

Dan's Paras could only hunker down and wait for my Partisans to come into the cemetery.

There were some isolated moments of firing, but my forces were able to get into position and were ready to go into the cemetery and take it hand to hand.

My boys were ready to go...

Dan's 9-2 was HIP in the building (mausoleum). As my 9-1 stack crept across the darkened street, he opened up and hammered my boys. Everyone broke...except my 9-1 who ended up going berserk and two of the broken 5-2-7's also ended up going berserk with him. This would be a key moment in the battle.

 Dan's 9-2 was my biggest worry.

My boys poured into the cemetery and it was a chaotic series of close combats and point blank firing. Units went down on both sides.

Dan's 9-2 had broken and routed into the cemetery. But other Germans quickly occupied the mausoleum. Meanwhile, a single half-squad with the German 8-1 succeeded I eliminating my 9-0 Commissar and 3 x 3-3-7's in hand to hand. I needed a 10...and rolled an 11. Another momentum shift as the Germans held out on the left side.

My berserkers finally gained the mausoleum and would take the day. I continued to put pressure on all sides.

The CC's tell the story!

My motel internet was not strong enough for a good SKYPE I made do with my iPhone. Worked like a charm!

Game end. After the resolution of the many CC's, the Germans were in complete rout from the cemetery. At this point in the game, Dan offered the concession and my Partisans had won the day.

Way to go Partisans and Machine Gun Novack!!!

So that's a wrap on the first AAR from Quincy, IL...

Yep...smack dab in the Land of Lincoln lads...

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