Monday, December 12, 2016

The 2016 Grumble Jones "Professor Rollwright" Scenario Pack!

It's that time of the year again, when I put all of the year's scenarios into one blog post. This year we'll even give it a name...the "Professor Rollwright 2016 Scenario Pack".  Back in 2014, I endeavored to create a scenario for each month, to challenge myself creatively and as a way to thank my readers. It was and is a way to give my readers something tangible. 

Now, I often refer to my scenarios as "Basement Quality". This is a nod to those great, early days of ASL, when we had very few published scenarios and so spent many a gaming night playing one of our "often" insane creations! You know the ones...where you used every board and came up with an OOB for each side and some objectives and just went for it.
In 1990, my St. Louis group of gamers used to gather in the basement of my Affton bungalow. Many a Saturday was spent playing one of our homegrown scenarios. In those days, we didn't stress about the OOB's or the victory conditions or give a second thought to balance. We just wanted to recreate a specific historical moment and play it out in ASL. Whether or not the game came down to the last close combat was never a consideration.  We just wanted to play ASL and have fun.

So, that in short is what my scenarios have always been about. My "Basement Quality" scenarios are just that...something out of your momma's basement that is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously. pay for those kinds of scenarios.

2016 was a great year for my homegrown "Basement Quality" scenarios. I was able to cover a lot of different areas and even had two Halloween Scenarios. 

So in closing, I am pleased to offer this year's scenarios in one blog post and with a big thank you to my readers for supporting this blog and for taking my scenarios for what they are...just some creative fun. You can expect more in 2017, which will either make you smile or cringe depending on how much scenario balance means to you! Hopefully, most of you will smile and enjoy more ASL for fun in the coming year. Thanks again for spending your valuable time here at Grumble Jones. It is much appreciated.

As always these monthly "Basement Quality" Scenarios are offered for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of this blog.
Remember to open pictures in a new window in order to maximize the size. 
And as always, the PDF's for this scenario can be downloaded from The ASL Scenario Archive 
(just search on Grumble Jones).

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