Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Sunday game - Turns 3 and 4 of Scenario PP05 Hot Zemlyankas - NFL Edition!!!

Now...Sunday in the Fall usually means one thing for me...FOOTBALL!!! That's right...I love me some NFL on Sunday. And only one thing (maybe two) will take me away from watching the pig skin get thrown about. That's right ASL (what else were you thinking!?!). 

With a week already gone by since we last played, Dan and I were keen to get back to the hills of the Crimea and take up the action where we left it at the end of Turn 2. 

The first two turns had been slugfests as the Romanians climbed up the hills and went face to face with the dug in Partisans. Turns 3 and 4 tonight would be more of the same and even more intense!!

So sit back and enjoy the ASL Post Game Show with Terry and the gang!!!

  Now...I had a bit of a photographic SNAFU tonight and some of the early pictures of Turn 3 were lost. So the action above is well into the middle of the Romanian effort on Turn 3. 

 The fighting on Board 39 would continue to be a big challenge. My forces were far more stretched out and unable to support one another as I stumbled my way into the various Zemlyankas hidden throughout the deep woods.  I had discovered three main complexes of Partisans on Board 39. I would be successful against the right and center complexes, but not on the left.

Dan's Partisans would give me fits on the left complex and eventually force me back.
 The fighting for the center complex would reveal just how large some of the Partisan Defenses were as Zemlyankas would be connected by trenches and protected by mines and wire. Dan's tactics in this regard certainly gained my respect as I tried outflanking positions only to walk right into more enemy fortifications.

One of the struggles for my men was finding a way to put fire down on the Partisans without putting too many of my squads at risk. This was further complicated by the difficult terrain, which frequently required CX movement just go up one hex.

My boys were going to have to dig down deep for the next turn.
 My armor continued to move forward and moved deeper into the valley. I was hoping to reveal more Zemlyankas...and I surely did as an ATR round hit me from behind and Shocked me.

 My boys searching Board 39 on the far right continued combing the hills and deep woods, but it was slow going.

I wasn't finding much either.
 On Board 36, my forces were better concentrated and were able to focus a huge amount of fire on the enemy on their front...but rolling "11's" with +3 and 46 factors isn't really what you want to do.

Throughout turns 3 and 4, Dan and I both had more than our share of 11's.

 Back on Board 39 on the far left, my boys would break under fire and then rout right into a minefield. The entire squad would die in the process. I tip my hat to Dan's nefarious minefield placement. I wasn't hitting them in the Movement phased but instead during the Advance and Rout phases, which was rather painful.

 Minefields would go on to pretty much eliminate my attack on the far left.

Not really of course...

Back on Board 36, I had crossed the frozen stream was wading into the next line of Partisan fortifications.

On 39 in the center, I was able to eliminate another Zemlyanka while the Partisans moved down towards the road.

"Burning down the Zemlyanka!!!"

On Board 39 to the ride side, the Partisan complex seemed to grow in size with each movement of my squads towards it. Dan's Partisans continued to be tough in Close an abandoned LMG on top of Zemlyanka shows were some Romanians bought the farm.

Calm down...maybe next turn...if I win ambush...otherwise...noooo....

My shocked tank would go all UK on me and not in a Great Britain kind of way....

Grumble Jones staff photographer working the map during this scenario and captured the Romanian Stacks on Board 36.
My two 120cm Mortars continued to rain death where possible and forced the Partisan 9-1 with the HMG to move out of his Zemlyanka. tank recovered and was once again back in the battle!

After crossing the frozen stream on Board 36, my boys ran into a solid line of Zemlyankas, mines, wire and entrenchments. Hard fighting ensued!!

Back on Board 39 on the right, the Partisan complex continued to grow in size, but my boys pressed on and pushed the Partisans back into the woods.

Back on Board 39 on the left, my Romanians pulled back to reorganize and await reinforcements. The Partisans had won on the left for the moment.

In the center, my boys managed to eliminate the Partisans there and capture our first Partisan Squad.

Back on Board 36, the sneaky Partisans crept out of their Zemlyankas and ambushed my poor Romanians. Darn Partisans would win the ambush and eliminate a squad of Romanians.

With the conclusion of Turn 4 it was time for the Half-time Show!

Yeah...ASL and that's what we need at tournaments...a proper half-time show!!!

We resume Turn 5 on Thursday!!

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