Sunday, September 18, 2016

Background information for the annual Grumble Jones Scenario "Das Golem"

Prague, October 30th, 1985...forty years after the events of the Czech Hell and events related to "DAS GOLEM". Recently declassified POW Interrogation forms reveal that very strange events occurred on the night of May 5th, 1945. 

The traditional history of the Prague Uprising has always been fairly straightforward. The Czech Resistance fighters seized the German Radio Station and called for a general uprising. Over the next several days, the Czechs would fight hard to reclaim their city from the German occupiers. But the Germans, reinforced with Waffen SS elements from the surrounding area would move quickly to put down the uprising, just as American and Soviet forces converged on Bohemia-Moravia.

German veterans of that first night of the uprising always spoke of the darker terror and horrors of that night in the old city center...when an unseen force and a terrible monster sought to slay all the Germans in the city of Prague. Soviet Intelligence sources maintained a strict silence regarding their subsequent interrogation of German POW's. But hidden among the US Military Archives was one POW interrogation that had escaped destruction. The interrogation file for Fallschirmjaeger Hauptman Kurt Schenk would reveal that something both terrible and otherworldly occurred that fateful night of May 5th. And it would come to light that the most ancient legends and myths associated with the famous, Rabbi Loew and the mysterious Golem Guardian of the Jewish Ghetto would prove to be more true than anyone would ever have imagined. And the truth of that terrible night in Prague would be hidden from sight until now...

Hauptman Kurt Schenk...only known witness on record to reveal the truth about May 5th, 1945 and Das Golem. This Fallshirmjaeger veteran's accounts were logged by US 7th Army Intelligence G2 Section Leaders in early May 1945. Schenk had already been noted as a high value Wehrmacht Officer capture. In the waning days of WW2, he would mysteriously vanish from a Soviet POW compound near Prague and turn up again in Camp Gruber, Oklahoma with a classified OSS file. 

Just what did Kurt Schenk tell US Army Intelligence about the night of May 5th, 1945???

Here now is the official G2 POW Interrogation form for Hauptman Kurt Schenk. Read at your own risk...

The "Das Golem" Scenario will be available October 2016.

 Will you have the courage to face the Golem??

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