Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grumble Jones April Scenario GJ031 - "Ritter's Relief"

Remember to open link in a new window to maximize the view. The PDF for this scenario can be downloaded from the The ASL Scenario Archive. (simply search on Grumble Jones or Ritter's Relief)
And always remember, these scenarios are presented for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of my blog.
Design note - this scenario was inspired by the outstanding book, Kampfgruppe Muelenkamp by Doug Nash and Remy Spezzano.

The photographic evidence provided some good clues as to how to equip both the SS Kampfgruppe and the Ritter's 560 Battalion. The decision to add two 81mm Mortars to Ritter's men resulted from an image showing dismantled 81mm Mortar tubes and bases with Ritter's men following their relief. 

The biggest challenge was determining how to place the Russians. There are no images of Russians in the book. The book mentions that several tanks were destroyed, but does not say what type. So this picture of Muelenkamp's men inspecting a destroyed SU-76 formed the basis for the inclusion of SU-76's with the 354th Infantry Division. 

Not really sure, what they are doing with the stick grenade in this image. But stick grenades show up a few times in this book.  

And as I mentioned in my March book review, this particular book is a tremendous resource for the ASL player and is a highly recommended addition to your library.

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