Sunday, February 28, 2016

ASL Scenario S21 Clash at Borisovka

It's a rare thing to play ASL on Sundays and rarer still for my son, Connor to join in a game. He's more of a Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh type of gamer. ASL is not really his thing...but every now and then he'll sit for a quick (optimal word here) game of ASL.

Nothing like a father - son game of ASL!!!

Connor had never played with armor before, so I selected ASL Scenario S21 Clash at Borisovka. I have seen it used by other players to initiate new folks into the armor rules. Hong Kong Wargamer gives a nice AAR about this as well.

I selected the Russians for myself and gave the Connor the defending Germans with their 2 x Tigers and 4 x MKIV's. I would have 10 x T-34/76's. 

I elected to run my T-34's straight ahead and keep them all in motion. Everyone was buttoned up...which in hindsight was probably a detriment...but old habits die hard.

Yeah...keeping road rate was probably a better way to have entered the game especially given the half-movement penalty by SSR. 
 Having played these previously as the Germans...I knew my T-34's could not afford to trade volleys with the Germans. So I determined to keep my engines running!

 The German armor thundered on to the battlefield....Tigers...ugh...

 In Advancing Fire, the German tanks all went for acquisition. My son kept his crew all CE, which would pay huge benefits throughout our game.

All the better to see you Ivan...

 My boys survived the German Advancing Fire...but were all carrying nice acquisition counters as they moved forward. I threw one T-34/76 right at the Tiger to draw its fire. I was successful and the Tiger promptly took it out. Two more of my tanks would take hits as well with one destroyed and another immobilized.

 My straight ahead strategy met an immovable object...German Panzers are like that...

 Yep..Russkieland is that way...but I'm trying to go the other way!!!

 I was more successful running through the wheatfield of the western edge of the board...hmm...have to remember that for the next time I play this one.

 Two of my T-34/76's had made a nice move forward and were a movement turn away from escape!!!

 But my son surprised me by quickly shuttling his armor to interdict me escape attempts...not bad for his third game...

 I had really underestimated my son's reactions to me blitzing by him. He turned the tables on me pretty quickly.

 My east edge attempt to escape suddenly found itself facing three German Panzers.

 I tried not to panic and just gunned my engines and throttled my T-34/76's into a last ditch attempt to thread the Panzer Needle!!!

I had confidence in Sergei!!!
 Of course snake-eyes wiped away all of my confidence in one fell swoop...

 I double-downed on disaster and sent my second T-34/76 away from the Tiger and right at the MKIV...but that MIV crew...well...they were hardcore...

They just sent their ROF shot right into the remaining T-34/76 and immobilized it...

 Back on the east edge...success!!!! All my remaining T-34/76's made it off the board as German shells whizzed overhead...

Nicely done Vladimir!

 Back in the son decided to dispatch the immobilized T-34/76 in his Turn 4 Prep Fire. I had created a monster...a no taking ASL monster!!!  (couldn't be prouder!!!!)

My son was particularly concerned that Unterleutnant Barth would be certain to get his Knight's Cross for three T-34/76 KIA's. I assured him that OKW would get a glowing report from me...

His bloodlust still son went after the last immobilized T-34/76 and took it out.

 The crew bailed successfully and would escape unharmed.

Satisfied that he had dealt with all son agreed that the scenario was completed. I asked him if had a good time...

He grudgingly indicated that he had a good time.

He also teased me and asked..."Are you any good at this game??"

I suppose one of these games...he'll find out the answer to that question....

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