Saturday, December 19, 2015

Grumble Jones December Scenario GJ027 "Wie ein Weihnacht's Stern"

Decided to do a hypothetical scenario for December. Back in the old days with the gang in St. Louis (Webster Groves to be specific), we would play a bunch of DYO scenarios over the holiday break. So here's a little what-if fun for Christmas Time.

Remember to open link in a new window to maximize the view. The PDF for this scenario can be downloaded from the The ASL Scenario Archive. (simply search on Wie ein Weihnacht's Stern or Grumble Jones)

And always remember, these monthly scenarios are presented for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of my blog.


  1. Could you put a jpg of this up on scenario archives:


    1. Will try again to get on there. For some reason that was one scenario that I couldn't load, but I'll give it another shot.

    2. OK...success! I was able to load the JPG's and the PDF's. Thanks for your interest in my scenarios. Kinderheim-Hohe was an early effort and not quite as polished as my current ones. Hopefully, my designs will continue to evolve and get better. Unfortunately, they can never be adequately play-tested, but hopefully they can be taken for fun for what they are.

  2. Reader, Mark DeVries pointed out a couple scenario errors. Erwin Rommel is the correct spelling and Rommel was not yet a Field Marshall in December 1941. He would receive that promotion in 1942 following the capture of Tobruk.