Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ASL Scenario AP55 The Generalissimo's Own - Turns 3-4

Welcome to the Grumble Jones Christmas edition AAR of AP55 The Generalissimo's Own - Turns 3-4!!!

 Our Monday game found us once again in 1938 China, as my Chinese battled Scott Holst's Japanese. And in true John McClain style...there would be an overload of aggression from both sides as we channeled our inner Hans Gruber!!! 

 Starting with Turn 3, the Chinese had progressed along the road and taken some building locations. But the majority of the Japanese force had yet to reveal itself.

My boys remained vigilant...searching for the sneaky enemy!!

 Turn 3 saw the entrance of my reinforcements. I elected to send everyone in from the North. Scott's Japanese had plenty of armor and guns watching my possible entry hexes. Not sure if it was the smartest move (I'm not known for those anyway), but I decided to just rush right at him.

 Scott did a great job of responding to my attacks from two sides. His Japanese were unfazed by my attacks.

 As my armor and infantry moved up the middle, the Japanese mortar teams broke and routed away. But the Japanese sniper reappeared and quickly pinned my 37L AT Gun Crew. 

 Along the east edge, my primary focus was on taking some building locations to build up Victory Points.

 Going into Turn 4,  my forces had succeeded in eliminating the mortar threat. Every little bit helps, so I was happy to put those out of action. As for my armor...I wasn't as happy with their progress. The gully definitely slowed me down.

 Back at the center, the Japanese ATR team knocked out one of my tanks. My remaining forces moved a bit more cautiously and succeeded in revealing that J11 and I11 were dummys.

You know...revealing dummy stacks should always be a priority...right...?

 The Yuletide fun continued as my efforts in the North were met with fierce Japanese resistance.

My forces were rebuffed by the on-target Japanese fire.

 My Northern Force continued to struggle. One tank was blazing and the other was immobilized. But despite being immobilized, the crew continued the fight and set one of the Japanese tanks ablaze. Meanwhile my infantry shifted to the west as the other Japanese tank rolled their way.

 In the center...I just went nuts and sent my tanks directly at the Japanese tanks. I know it was crazy...but just felt like going for it.

Yep...it wasn't my smartest move...

 Turn 4 also showed the arrival of Japanese fighter planes over the battlefield.

Oh boy...can't wait to see what kind of presents they drop on me...
 No we arrive at the moment in Turn 4 that was just completely whacked. In my last Advance Phase, I moved two stacks of infantry under the blazing tanks. Seemed like a good place to launch my next attacks from. It worked better in my head than in real life. (I suffer a lot of that kind of thing.) 

Scott, quickly realized that my boys had just blinded themselves and rushed a screaming 4-4-7 with a Demo Charge right at the stack of two 3-4-7's with LMG's. OH NOOOOO....

Naturally, I completely missed hitting the squad in First Fire, Final Fire...we'll pause before discussing the Final Protective Fire...(it will be worth the wait).

Dude...it was totally a BOMB...

Freaking Crouching Tiger...hidden 4-4-7 stuff as all of my shots missed the charging Japanese.

And then it happened...Final Protective Fire...c'mon snake eyes....

You have to be kidding....

You said it Ralphie...you said it...

And it didn't. After KIA'ing a half-squad and breaking the other with my "12"...my opponent's DC succeeded in blowing up everyone left...scratch two Chinese Squads....

Noooo....ok maybe a little...but bad move on my part..."Stupid is as Stupid does"...

 So yeah...there you have it...my boys in the North were reeling...

 The relative positions in the North sector as the night drew to a close.

 The fight in the center was great fun! Lots of tanks shots...which hit...missed...or bounced. Going into Turn 5, this will be the sector to watch!!!

 A final look at the ASL goodness in the center. Can't wait to see how this engagement ends. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
to you and your families! 

Thanks for following Grumble Jones in 2015.

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  1. Great stuff Scott, The armor battle in the middle is like a tragic comedy of errors lol. Anyway great retelling of turns 2 to 4. Hopefully Monday we will be able to wrap up this scenario.