Friday, December 4, 2015

ASL Scenario 16 - No Better Spot to Die - Turns 3-1/2-5-1/2

Our Friday game was a continuation of No Better Spot to Die with my regular St. Louis opponent.  On this night, we would complete Turns 3-1/2 through 5-1/2. In this brief span of time, the complexion of the game would change greatly and the Germans would succeed in piercing the center of the US position.

 At the start of Turn 3-1/2, I attempted to repair my Malf'd Mortars...6, 6 and no more mortars. Hmm...I though to myself...tonight is already off to a magnificent start. Fortunately, my opponent's dice were no better. His first Prep Fire rolls were 11, 10 and 12, which broke his MMG on the North edge.

Yes it once again the Dice dictated success or failure...or is that another of the ASL myths...

 Towards the South, one of my tanks had moved to occupy one of the US MMG positions.

 During Turn 4, my forces were once again on the advance. My tank in the South decided to make a run for the American rear. And in so doing...quickly revealed the location of the HIP US 57L AT Gun....oh joy....

You'd think after all this time...I would stop sending my armor off without infantry support...but you'd be once unsupported armor would ride off to its demise.

The US 57L AT Gun kept its ROF and went after my infantry in F7...but would miss with their single HE round.

 The stars indicate possible victory conditions for my Germans. If I can hang on to 3 houses by game end, then my boys will get the victory.

Securing La Fiere remains my goal!

 I took some risks with my infantry...which did not pay off. Most of my boys crept through the gully and towards the center woods. My one of my 4-6-7's in F7 made a run towards the American 57L AT Gun. The US MMG to the North caught them and cut them down.

  And of course it kept ROF...

 I sent my remaining tanks north to put some additional pressure on the US troops there. I needed to make sure as many squads as possible made it into the center wood.


I don't expect too much from my tanks...but you never know!

 My efforts in the South had thus far met with abject failure...but things were looking very good in the center for my Germans.

The gully became my way forward!

 My opponent quickly surmised that the gully was a bit of an Achilles Heel and tried to interdict my moves as best he could from either flank.

 Back at the West edge, my only remaining officer was a wounded 8-0. He would set to work rallying what men he could and sending them back into the fight!

Keeping good order squads is a central requirement of this particular scenario as both sides face a possible Task Check to their best good order leader, should more than half of their original squad count be broken. Failing the Task Check would result in that failing player's forces requesting a Truce. My Germans were staying well above the half-way mark...but only 1 squad separates the Americans from DOOOOOOMMMM....muhahahhaa....
 The situation as Turn 5 began.

 The Americans in the H2 Gully faced a dilemma....they couldn't take a shot with their bazooka without moving to crest...and my tank was waiting patiently for them to pop their heads up!

 C'mon...take a chance boys!!!

 Back on the South side...the US Paras in I7 popped out of their foxholes and were promptly DM'd. But the Paras with the MMG had rallied and once again moved into the J8 building.

The situation as Turn 5-1/2 ended. My Germans have penetrated the center of the US line and are poised to strike into La Fiere and take the 3 buildings needed for the win. 

Next Friday can't come soon enough!!!

until next Friday night when the cardboard warriors once again stride upon the earth!

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  1. Your tanks lasted longer than mine.