Monday, November 16, 2015

The Conclusion of AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers

 Our Monday game saw the conclusion of AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers. We picked up the game at the start of Turn 3. By the time the German phase of Turn 4 had had the game. So it was a short night's gaming...but fun-filled nonetheless. Lots of last minute action as the Russian Armor completed its domination of the game. 

I had not respected the Russian armor and paid for it. The BT-5's ended up being the most valuable Russian asset. One BT-5 would KIA 2-1/2 of my 4-6-8's and destroy two tanks. Yuri Tuchenko would earn the Order of Lenin on this day.

 At the start of Turn 3, my grenadiers had gained a toehold on the central factory. My motorcycle hobilars had fared less well...with half of them KIA'd by the BT-5's. I learned a huge lesson about early war Russian Tanks...don't disrespect them...

 Back on the east edge, my remaining motorcycle dudes tried to get the flock out of Dodge. I sent my MK III to try and rescue them.

Honestly...there was no saving those clowns...
 I can't say that I was unhappy with the performance of my 4-6-8's. They had done a great job, but despite that, still couldn't take full ownership of the factory. And it didn't help when the Unconfirmed Killed KV-76 rallied and began to put a serious hurt on me. My opponent knew I was dangerously near my CVP cap. He also understood that taking out my last two tanks would give him the victory.

 The last remaining BT-5 raced back towards the west to confront my MK III, while the Commissar lead a 4-4-7 and a 2-2-6 to attack my MK III from the rear.

 My MK III would succeed in staggering the infantry assault and immobilizing the BT-5 before taking a kill hit from the BT-5 in the next phase.

 The fight at the factory had gone pretty well for my Germans. I managed to win the remaining melees and create a 7-0 after rolling snakes. Despite this, the Russians still held the O Row Factory Building. 

My grenadiers fought hard and took out the Russian infantry...but it would be the Russian Tanks that would secure the victory for my opponent.

As the Russian BT-5 rushed across the North Edge, the Russians in the O Row Factory skulked out of harm's way. The KV-I pushed its way out of the factory and came directly at my immobilized Pz38T. Both of my remaining tanks had been immobilized. Soon they would be knocked out and seal my fate. I had run out of options...

The situation as we completed Turn 3.  All my opponent needed to do was to destroy my final two tanks and it would be game over.

The Russian Commissar went after my MK III, but would fail to knock it out.

The Soviet Commissar would turn in a great performance in this scenario!!!
 My MK III would disable it's Main Armament while taking an Intensive Fire Shot.

 The situation at game end as I surpassed my CVP cap with the loss of my final remaining tanks. The saddest part was that my infantry had finally taken control of the Center Building complex. A dollar short and a day late...

It's going to be a long war Hans....

Congrats to my opponent Scott Holst for a well played game!

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