Thursday, November 5, 2015

On all Fronts Scenario - Push to Pilastrino (Turns 1-4-1/2 and conclusion)

My Wednesday game...yes I said Wednesday was the first opportunity to play a new Cardboard via SKYPE opponent in Chicago. Mr. Scott Holst graciously accepted my invitation to try a scenario via the SKYPE method. 

Scott, a fan of DTO suggested Push to Pilastrino and I was game to give it a go. In my nearly thirty years of playing ASL, I can count on one hand the number of DTO scenarios I have played. So I was pretty excited to play this one.

Scott drew the Australians and constructed a defense with 4-5-8's, Bren gun carriers and a lone Matilda that comes into the fray on Turn 5.

As, the Italians I had 6 x M13/40's and 14 x 3-4-7 and 3-4-6's. All in all a pretty solid attack force. Only problem was that my boys would have to travel up a windy road up a craggy escarpment.  This scenario would prove to be an excellent test of Cardboard via SKYPE especially given the challenging sight lines.

But we would prove ourselves equal to the task!!!

After Scott's Australians were in position, my Italians assembled for the assault on the escarpment. The entry area is actually fairly narrow. This resulted in some bunching up of my armor, which entered in 3 x 2 tank platoons. My infantry were largely unseen as they moved in unsafe stacks across the rocky ground.

My hopes rested with my Italian 3-4-7's...

I sent my armor right up the twisting road. I could see no easier alternative...even though I knew they were moving right into the teeth of the Australian defense.

Scott's Diggers would be ready and waiting...

 The situation after my First Turn movement.

 The platoon movement up that twisty road was agonizing...but my infantry made good progress and closed quickly with the Aussies!  Scott elected to remove the ATR's and 51 Mortar from the three Bren Gun Carriers.

 My infantry were surprisingly successful in pushing in from the west. The Aussie mortar team were broken and routed, while the 4-5-8 would stand firm in the face of overwhelming odds.

 Scott's Aussies also got some Turn 1 reinforcements as a captured Italian AT Gun was driven to set up a blocking position in the rear.

 My infantry continued to move forward on the North edge as well.

 While my armor lumbered up the road and listened to the pinging of Australian ATR rounds, my infantry moved into close combat with the Aussie 4-5-8 in the east. The Aussies would prevail in the melee which followed.

I was perhaps overly aggressive with my Italians, but given the terrain and my numbers, I thought risking a few 3-4-6's was in order.
 As my infantry scrambled over the crags, the British MG's opened up. My 9-1 and two 3-4-7's with the Italian HMG had made themselves a target. A -3 shot managed to break the squad and pin my 9-1....but certainly could have been far worse.

The British MMG would give a good account of itself in the first three turns.
 My Italians were making slow, but steady progress.

My little M13/40's weren't moving fast, but their armor was proving tough enough to bounce the Aussie ATR rounds.
 I continued to send my armor and infantry straight at Scott's Diggers. The ATR rounds were coming in fast and furious and it would only be a matter of time before a tank was taken down.

 Scott unlimbered his captured AT Gun and prepared it for action.

 Along the east edge, the valiant stand of the Aussie 4-5-8 finally came to an end as they surrendered.

 As the Australians fell back in the west, other Aussies were coming in from the south to shore up the defense.

 And in Turn 3, the Aussies received yet another reinforcing unit.

 As predicted, the Aussie ATR's finally succeeded in destroying the lead M13/40.

My infantry will have to give my armor more support in the coming turns.
The situation at the conclusion of three full turns. Overall a tight little game has developed. Both sides have been bloodied and rolled their share of 11's and 12's. The Italians are good position to make a strong push. But Turn 5 will see the arrival of a Matilda tank....

and that's one Waltzing Matilda I don't look forward to!!!

                                      Tune in Sunday for the conclusion of Push to Pilastrino!

Rather than create a new post. I'll simply update our completion of this scenario today. A turn and a half were completed this afternoon. After the Italian phase of Turn 5, the Australians offered the concession. The oncoming Aussie support didn't have the movement points or time to affect the battle and the Australian infantry had been significantly reduced.

 The start line as we began Turn the Italian Phase of Turn 4.

Remarkably, my M13/40's were a key element in securing a victory in this scenario. Their ponderous advance up the twisting road served to occupy the efforts of the Aussie squads as they bounced ATR rounds off the armored hulls.

 My infantry moved forward, but heavy Aussie fire managed to DM more than a couple of my squads.

  The Diggers never let up throughout the scenario.
 Going into Turn 5, my Italians had made good progress.

Turn 5 saw my M13/40's continue up the road and successfully overrun and KIA an Aussie 2-4-8 with an ATR. 

On the North shoulder, my infantry managed to break out and force the surrender of the DM's squads in that sector. 

It was at this point, that my opponent gave the concession and recommended our next Scenario, which will be AP 42 Frontiers and Pioneers.

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