Monday, November 23, 2015

ASL Scenario J35 Siam Sambal - Turns 1-3

For our Monday game, Scott Holst and I agreed to play a French based scenario in light of recent events. Siam Sambal was selected with Scott as the attacking French in Cambodia - 1941. I drew the Siamese defenders. Now this is also quite a scenario as it includes the following: PTO Terrain, Tanks, Trucks, Cavalry, Off Board Artillery and a Siamese Fighter Bomber. Can't imagine squeezing any more into this one!!!

This scenario would also be a first for me as I would field a Siamese Army. Never done that before....

Hey...but I'm always game for the ASL Dance!!!

I was, however, a bit concerned about fighting 4-5-8 French Foreign Legionnaires with '5' ELR!!!

Some tough hombres!

 The game opened with a strong French push of Legionnaires and two tanks along the southeast edge. My defense was not mutually supportive and as a result the French were able to gain a toehold in the wooded area that was the key to my flank. Drats!!!

Ya gotta protect your flank!!!

 My single 4-4-7 gave a good account of itself before routing away.

 Scott's Legionnaires made good progress overall on their first turn move.


 My Siamese hurried to take up new blocking positions.

 Turn 2 saw Scott's French moving aggressively to push along the east edge. My boys threw some punches...but overall the French had the better of my Siamese.

 My Turn 2 Prep was largely ineffective, but did manage to hurt the 9-1 stack. I was also able to manhandle my 82* MTR out of harm's way.

 Turn 3 opened with the French reserves entering on Board 35 from the south and west edges. Scott's strategy for his tanks and trucks was to hide them in the palm trees to hid them from my Fighter Plane.

Looks like a case of concealment loss....

 The main French force entered on the west edge. I had a 4-4-7and my 75* arty protecting this area.

 12 French squads in total. These boys may be the key to a French victory...

 View from the Siamese Fighter Plane as he buzzes the battlefield.

 One of the highlights of Turn 3 was the rally ability of my 8-0. Dude successfully rallied two DM'd 4-4-7. Awesome moment!!!

 As the French came down the road on the west edge, my hidden 75* Arty opened up. It managed to DM one squad and pin another. 

Scott's boys laughed off my arty fire and one 4-3-7 just completely ignored my fire!!
 Back on the southeast edge, the Legionnaires kept coming and gradually drove me back. My 9-1 broke and ran to the rear, leaving behind a KIA'd 4-4-7.

 The French auto park in the jungle!

 My reserves also came on in Turn 3. I sent my single tank to support my boys in the southeast.

Hoping for big things from my Tankers!

 The French on the west edge managed to eliminate all Siamese resistance.

 To support the northwest, I sent 7 mounted squads to hold the village huts. But I goofed and forgot that huts don't block line of sight. It would cost me a DM'd squad.

 As Turn 3 ends...the Siamese fighter plane can be heard skimming the jungle canopy looking for French targets!!!

As we conclude Turn 3, my Siamese cavalry take up positions in the the Northwest Village. They will have to hold out against a lot of French troops...

Tune in next Monday for the conclusion of Siam Sambal!!!

I suspect the Legion will be heard from!!!

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