Saturday, October 31, 2015

Looking for Opponents...for Cardboard via SKYPE ASL Games!

Well...have hesitated for months to put out a distress call for opponents...but the time has come. Either I find some folks to play with or I fold up my tent and and call it a day. 

My STL opponent is still on call, but cancels more game dates than he give you an idea...this year alone...29 cancellations and 9 actual game days. Been a rough year for us hooking up and gaming. My other regular Friday opponent is moving on to new ASL challenges. So for the first time since restarting my ASL play in 2010, I am without a regular, weekly opponent.

I have placed feelers out in the greater ASL community, but so far no bites. So here I am placing a "want ad" on my blog to entice someone to join me for ASL Games via Cardboard over SKYPE.

Now keep in mind for your VASL Players, you can play VASL at your end, while I play Cardboard at mine. Jackson Kwan, aka Hongkong Wargamer has done that successfully.

So why play Grumblejones...well, #1 I play for fun...just love to play the game, win or lose. #2 I will play just about any theater and have a good selection of MMP and Third Party Products. Only thing I don't play is DASL. #3...I'll blog about our games like a big dog!

I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma US Central Time Zone. My available game times for your kind consideration are:
Mondays 7-10:00 PM CST
Wednesdays 7-10:00 PM CST
Thursdays 7-10:00 PM CST
Saturdays 6-10 PM CST
Sundays 2-7 PM CST

Naturally, I have a job that occupies most of my time and a family that I adore, so certainly won't play ASL every one of those time slots, but love to find an opponent that would be interested in a weekly session for one of the slots.

Well...that's my sales pitch. I hope someone out there in the ASL Community will take me up on this offer.

Until then, thanks to all of you who follow this blog. I really appreciate it!


  1. So I don't need ASL, I just need VASSAL? If that's true, I might be interested. Email me off-line at mad

    1. Actually, I'm not too sure Michael. I know that Hong Kong Wargamer (Jackson Kwan) has used VASSAL against an opponent who played Cardboard via SKYPE. But I think it could be more complicated that I understand.So not sure if it is easy or difficult to accomplish.

  2. If you wouldn't mind playing some SK (and possibly teaching AFVs), then please, drop me a line!

    Full ASL is in my near future... just not quite there. yet!