Sunday, October 18, 2015

Grumble Jones - Halloween Scenario GJ025 - DIE GLOCKE

 After many weeks of work, my Halloween Scenario for 2015 is completed. For the full background story for this scenario, please be sure to refer the archive for my September 29th post. The scenario is listed here in 4 JPEG Images as I cannot post PDF's on Blogger for whatever reason. The PDF version of die Glocke can be found on the ASL Scenario Archive website...just search on Grumble Jones or die Glocke.

There are a lot of SSR's with this scenario. But these "Zombie" style scenarios are waaay different from pure ASL. It was fun putting this scenario together with both the story and coming up with the best way to take that narrative and turn it into a scenario. Using the Red Barricades Map was also fun. Overall, I hope this scenario entertains. As I always remind the readers of this Blog, my scenarios are intended only for fun and are certainly not up to the quality you will find from professional, play tested scenarios.

Remember to open link in a new window to maximize the view. 

And always remember, these monthly scenarios are presented for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of my blog.
Good luck and Happy Halloween, All Saints Eve and Autumn!!!


  1. This is a fantastic premise for a Zombie scenario, especially the use of a HASL map.

    If you are interested in taking it to another level, get hold of the Zombie Pak by East Side Gamers. Japanese units are used for zombies, including a 10-0 Japanese leader which functions as an Alpha zombie. (IOW, no need for special counters.) In addition to six scenarios, the Pak contains "Chapter Z" rules for zombies.

    It would be cool if you could have the scenario play tested and published in a future ASL Journal.

    1. Thanks for kind words Chris. My scenarios allow me to scratch a creative itch.