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ASL Scenario 12 CONFUSION REIGNS - Turns 1-3

For our Friday game, my STL opponent and I continued to work through the Paratrooper Scenario pack. On this night we selected ASL Scenario 12 - Confusion Reigns.

The title brought back great memories of ELO's  Discovery Album and the song CONFUSION...

Awesome stuff!

 Back in the '90's we had initially played through many of the Paratrooper Scenarios, but apparently had missed this one. I drew the Germans and deployed my troops as per SSR.  

I'll admit the victory conditions for this particular scenario seemed a bit different. After reading and rereading, it seemed apparent that my Germans were basically stuck in position while  12 x US 7-4-7's would essentially surround and annihilate them. I understood why we might have skipped over this one back in the day...but oh well...why not give it a shot.

I decided not to try and make a run for it due to the movement limitations by SSR and the distance that would have to be overcome and all within sight of US MMG's directed by a 9-2 officer. Just didn't seem like a winning combination to me (or Charlie for that matter!).

 Not sure Charlie's life philosophy is the best to imitate...but then again...winning is never bad a thing!!!

So...I decided to set up and if possible make my forested prison a potential death trap for any US 7-4-7's that came after me. After all the US player had to earn 12 CVP and twice as many as he suffered.

So let them come!!!...would be my mantra!

 My STL opponent set up as anticipated with both MMG's with the 9-2 and with a second level view of the battlefield.

 Not really excited to move around much with those babies covering the area.

 My boys set up to meet the SRR's and stay out of sight as much as possible and draw the Americans into the woods for some LMG pain.

 The Americans attacked along the entire front with most of the squads coming into the woods on the left. The 2 mortars went to the right to take up position behind the bocage with a straight line of sight to my HMG squad and 8-1.

 Surprisingly my opponent elected to advance adjacent during his Advance Phase.

 My LMG's opened up on the adjacent US squads with success on one attempt and nothing on the main US stack with the 8-1 officer. My other squads spent the turn trying to dig foxholes with only two squads succeeding.

Dig faster Hans!!!
 Having failed to do anything to the US 8-1 Kill Stack...I could only await the return fire in the US D-Fire Phase...oh joy...

I just knew it wouldn't end well for me...
 My opponent's two 6cm Mortars laid down a hellish barrage with ROF that just wouldn't quit. My 8-1 broke and the squad broke, ELR'd and reduced to a 2-3-7 before the rounds stopped falling.

 Then the US 8-1 used spraying fire to dismantle my defense...

 But...a squad with the 8-1 also shot his bazooka at me...I rolled snake eyes on my MC...and went on to rally, battleharden and create a HERO!!!  GANZ TOLL!!! (NOTE: Rules Gaffe as Big Kansas reminded me...Bazookas cannot shoot at targets in the woods. So we will correct that mistake in the remaining turns.)

Yeah Baby!!!
Can you say Game Changer !?!

 I thought you could!!!

 Going into Turn 2, both sides have been bloodied and DM'd squads were cowering at both ends of the field.

 Turn 2 found the US forces hammering my boys all along the front, as the US 8-1 moved further into the woods.

 On my right flank, the US squads laid down some smoke and moved forward. Time was running out for my 4-6-7 with the Panzerschreck.

 And then it happened...The German Sniper activated...just the "2" soft sniper...but it hit the US 8-1 and then a dr 5...KIA'd...then both 7-4-7's missed their leader loss MC's with the second 7-4-7 rolling boxcars....YIKES!!!!

and just like that the threat of the 8-1 Kill Stack was gone...

I wonder.... 


Why yes...Flo does offer Boxcars Insurance!!!
 The Americans fell back to rally and regroup, but losing the 8-1 would certainly slow down the rallies.

 With the 8-1 gone, my hero decided to make a move to recover my abandoned HMG. The US mortars tried to smack him, but failed to keep ROF. A lucky break for my boys!!!
 In addition to recovering my HMG, most of my foxholes were completed as well.

 The US stack of sorrow...

 Of course in ASL...sorrow is a shared commodity. Having DM'd my 4-6-7 with the Panzerschreck, the US forces moved adjacent and eliminated the squad for failure to rout. The right flank was now wide open for a US advance.

The situation at the conclusion of Turn 3. The US 9-2 had moved to begin rallying the US stack of broken 7-4-7's, which he rallied without too much effort Meanwhile the right flank is now wide open for the Americans to swing in behind my forces. But my boys are dug in and will fight it out to see who suffers the most CVP...

Which one of us will prevail and win the Medal of Hodor!!!

Tune in next week for the continuation of CONFUSION REIGNS!!!

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