Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's Game - Regalbuto Ridge - Turn 4

Wednesday night's game was the continuation of the bloody Regalbuto Ridge. Turn 3 left both players exhausted by the seeming slaughter of 8 morale squads. Turn 4 would not only be something of a repeat, but would amp up the body count. It would be a hard turn for the Germans.

 As we began Turn 4, my Brits were looking anything but good. Having lost 50% of my squads, I wasn't sure how I would hold back the Teutonic horde coming up the hills. The only good thing was that I had succeeded in digging much needed foxholes. They would do much to keep my hopes alive in this game.

And I did...

The Germans had a lackluster Prep Fire phase, which left my forces pretty much intact. But after rolling a 2 during Rally, one of the German 4-6-8's had gone berserk. So it was off to the races as the lone 4-6-8 hurtled up the hill and into the maw of a waiting bren gun. It didn't end well for the Germans.

You's just so infrequent that you see Germans go berserk...and it can be unsettling...

 In addition to the berserk squad's death ride, I was aided by the long range of much of the German Prep Fire.

The Germans did have success towards the east edge of the hill. I put up some good fire, but had limited results. And another snake eyes made an 8-3-8 fanatic. YIKES!!!

The German 2-4-8 in F2 made a run for the Bren gun lying in the road. My 9-2 with MMG cut them down with a 6 down 4 shot. KIA'd. It's not every day you get -4...

 The Germans made good progress across the front in their part of Turn 4.

The German HMG finally rallied in CC5 and moved back up the hill into DD2 to be with the 9-2. Kill stack restored.

Keep smiling Gunter...

The British part of Turn 4 would see some wild rolls from the git go. I rolled snake eyes for the wind change, which brought a mild breeze out the west.Meanwhile, the Germans would roll boxcars for Radio Contact. Aufwiedersehen to their off-board artillery piece.

My opponent would continue to roll 12's on Turn 4. After 4 Turns, my opponent has rolled 11 boxcars...which is pretty bad...actually...
 Now the British Rally phase went pretty well. During a ROF shot, I had broken my MMG in M5. I was successful in repairing it and it would go on to wreck destruction on the Germans in F8. All three squads would be KIA'd. Stacking in the open...not a good idea. My 9-1 in M9 rallied and would move to assist my boys in M7. My boys in the M1 house would also rally and cause the Germans considerable grief on that flank.

My MMG mechanic would be the hero of the hour!

 My MMG and 9-2 would finally come into their own on Turn 4.

As the Germans sought to escape, my Sniper was activated and KIA'd a DM'd 2-4-8. Insult to injury for the Germans on Turn 4.

The snipers had been relatively quiet until      Turn 4.

 And let's just say the Germans were getting angry...and not just a little...

Turn 4 end. The Germans were still making progress in the center, but on the east flank, only 2-1/2 squads were left. All in all Turn 4 was a good round for the British..but 4 turns remain. The Germans can be expected to keep punching and punching hard.

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