Saturday, January 17, 2015

PURPLE HEART DRAW CAMPAIGN GAME begins with Turns 1 and 2 of 0600 Hours

For our second CG, Big Kansas selected Purple Heart Draw by Lone Canuck. He recommended that I take on the German Defense, which I was more than happy to do. I'm one of those players who loves to be the Germans whenever possible. 

Here we see my 10-2 and 8-1 getting ready to hold off the Amis and stop the Allied breakout from the Bocage. 

I also rolled a 6+1...but he's off the woods by himself...gave him a super secret mission...seemed to make him happy...

Lt. Hill is leading the American effort...he will be one tough hombre!

Let the games begin!!!

My Paras get busy spending 120 Fortification Points to create a nightmare of obstacles for the Amis.

Let's just say my Pioneers spent a lot of time at the WAREHOUSE OF WIRE!!!!

Now one note about the photo record for this AAR. To maintain the fog of war, unseen fortifications won't be pictured until the Americans gain LOS to them. This is to maintain as much enjoyment of playing the GC as possible. So my blog readers won't see a lot of my fortifications in this initial post...but trust wire is like the Spider Webs of Mirkwood Forest!!!

 The Americans begin the game and surge onto the battlefield. The Germans hold their fire with only a single 2-4-8 in the east firing at a moving US 2-3-6.

Finding the Germans is the first order of business...without getting filled with MG-42 lead.

As the Americans advance, fortifications come into view as well as my foxhole position on the road at the west edge. My 8-1 and MMG are positioned to turn the road into a killing ground.

Watching and waiting...soon enough the Amis will come...
 My 10-2 is at home in his fortified M14 Stone House with my single HMG. Unfortunately, the American armor is plastering the location.
Hang tough boys!

 The action in St. Georges-d'Elle is fairly mundane as the GI's scurry to secure control of locations that will be important in the succeeding turns.

With 4 Shermans, the Americans have the armor edge!

My effort to make the bridge over the draw uninviting... and this is just what you can see... who knows what Teutonic Terror lies in the dark woods...

A overview showing the action heading into Turn 2. One of the Shermans attempted to breach the Bocage and bogs. 

The German sniper activated and by pure chance DM's the US 7-4-7 carrying a Flamethrower.

Nice shooting Uwe!!!

Wow was I lucky...I had completely forgotten about the possibility of flamethrowers...YIKES!!!

Remember kids...flamethrowers aren't toys!

              The US Attack hugs the west board edge as they make the move to turn the right flank.

I did manage to surprise Big Kansas when I revealed the German 105 Recoilless rifle, which boomed a couple shots after intensive firing. But for all its bluster...I only managed to DM a 6-6-6.

Fun weapon to have and the first time I have ever used it in a game...scratch if off the counters to use bucket list...woohooo!!!

After all 4 Shermans roll NO SMOKE, one of them finally lands a WP shell in front of my 10-2 HMG nest of doom...drats!!!

In addition to the WP, the US Sniper managed to DM my HMG crew...doggone it!!! What a shot dude!!

Our intelligence services were unable to pronounce the name of this nefarious American Sniper.


In the area in front of the bridge...a game of cat and mouse is ongoing as my 2-4-8 attempts to sneak up on the Sherman and let fly a Panzerfaust or two...

Game end as we survey the situation at the end of Turn 2. The Americans are nearly in position to begin a serious attack on the right flank. My hopes hinge on the ability of my wire to slow them down.

The Americans in the center concern me as I fear they may make a move to enter the draw. But as I understand it...Purple Hearts await all who enter the draw...muhahahahahaa...

A final look at the bridge. I am certain that this sector of the battlefield won't be quiet for long...

A smoke break before Turn 3 begins....

                                                         My Fallschirmjaegers will be waiting...

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