Saturday, January 10, 2015

PHD-2 Trying the Right Flank

We opened the 2015 game year with Lone Canuck's Purple Heart Draw - PHD-2 Trying the Right Flank. We selected this one to prepare us for starting the entire CG next Friday. I drew the US forces and had the undesirable task of moving through wire and mine encrusted bocage to take the building complex around Hex M14. I had 2 Shermans, 2 x 7-4-7's, and 10 other US squads.  The scenario is 6-1/2 turns long. I would hit my CVP cap of 20 at the top of Turn 4 as I hit 21. All in all not a great game from me, but an otherwise enjoyable night of ASL.

So my young ASL and a learn from my mistakes and may the IIFT be with you!!!

Fighting against German Paras is never easy and PHD-2 would prove once more how very tough they can be...particularly in the bocage.

The board at the start. The Stars denote the objectives for my Americans. The Germans in the farmhouse were a 9-1 with HMG crewed by a 5-4-8. They would rule this game!

My plan was to to push into the center from the left and center. The stack on the far right had two MMG's and 3 x 5-4-6's with an 8-1 leader. Their job was to provide fire support and protect my flank as I moved into the center woods. The Shermans would support the central attack and plan to use bypass movement in the gaps visible in the woods depictions. Like any was great until I started moving...

My initial movements went just fine as the Germans held their fire. It wasn't until I moved my larger stacks that all hell broke loose. The German HMG opened up on my concealed 9-1 stack with 2 x 7-4-7's and 2 DEMO Charges. After the ROF finally stopped, the 9-1 was broken and both 7-4-7's were KIA'd. Next the German AT-Gun immobilized the Sherman in F7 and then broke my stack of 3 x 6-6-6's in H6 as they crossed the road. The AT-Gun used its intensive fire to smack them and break them all. 

So at the conclusion of my first move...I had a broken 7-0, a broken 9-1, 3 x broken 6-6-6's and 2 x KIA'd 7-4-7's, and an immobilized Sherman Tank. I knew at that point that is was already game over. My squads that were broken in view of the German HMG were done for the rest of the game. They would be DM'd each time the HMG fired and so I would spend the remainder of the game trying to rally them. 

So in Turn 1, the Germans eliminated my entire left flank from active participation in the game.

The German AT did its job almost flawlessly. 

My immobilized Sherman would remain in the fight and spent the rest of the game firing at the German HMG team in M14. 

The German HMG Team would plague my forces for the remainder of the game.

Level 1 of M14...remember that....

The US effort was clearly in trouble as we headed into Turn 2. My center thrust was hung up on the wire and a German Panzerschreck was lobbing shells at my remaining Sherman. My support stack on the right was in place and would get some vengeance on the German AT Gun.

The German Paras were led by a tough veteran of Belgium, Crete, North Africa and Sicily. He would add Oakleaves to his Knight's Cross on this day.

Now, while I had accepted that I probably already lost the scenario, I wanted to keep at it and see what I could salvage from my remaining forces. 

My force on the right enjoyed my best roll of the game with a snake eyes against the German AT-Gun which resulted in KIA'ing the crew and destroying the gun. These would be the only losses suffered by the Germans.

In the center, the German Panzerschreck connected with my Sherman's front Glacis and blew it to smithereens! My brave 8-1 Tank Leader died in the blast. And my CVP count rapidly approached the 20 my opponent needed for an immediate victory.


After the battle, the Panzerschreck team would inspect their work.

One of the bad things about having already accepted defeat is that you do more stupid things...because you think "what the heck...why not!?!" Well after my 8-1 and 3 x 5-4-6's were all DM'd and forced to abandon their 2 MMG's...the answer to that question was fairly self-evident.
I know Forrest...I know...

My woes continued in the center as the German Sniper activated three times and hurt me all three times. A broken 6-6-6, a pinned 6-6-6 on the wire and then a pinned 3-4-6 on the wire led to my demise in the center.

The German Sniper was as good as I have seen in almost any game.
My Americans...could only hug the ground and hope that I hit the 20 CVP sooner than later...

 My 9-1 did manage to create a Hero and rally some of the boys...but it was too little too late.

 My 9-1 never gave up...

In the center my woes continued as my 3-4-6 on the wire in H10 tried to rout away rolled a "6" and was forced to surrender...CVP cap up to 19 or so at that point...

Fuer Sie ist der Kreig vorbei...

And as we opened up the top of Turn 4...I inflicted the final CVP on myself when my 8-1 rolled a "12" as he attempted to Rally. So at 21 CVP...the game was immediately a German victory and I Big Kansas could finally let me slink off and hang my head in shame at the terrible effort on this night.

But others have been there before me...

So see it could be worse!!! Looking forward to next week when we begin playing the entire Purple Heart Draw Campaign Game.

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