Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Conclusion of Heat of Battle's, FF-9, The Ghost of Napoleon (Turns 5 &6)

We picked up our game with the start of Turn 5. My Germans had managed to enter one of the victory location buildings and had moved adjacent to another. The 7 hexes needed for victory were within grasp. But Mother Russia had other you shall see...

My boys prepared to make the final assault and repel the expected Soviet Counter-attack...

On the edge of the board...the Russian reinforcements prepared to make the final assault...

The battlefield as we began Turn 5.


The first order of business was to eliminate the Russians in S9 and the 1st floor of the church U5 Hex. The Stug down west also moved east to threaten the village from that location.

The German alignment that awaited the Soviet reinforcements. The Russians had been DM'd and retreated into the Steeple hex. The Soviet 9-1 Officer had been pinned and then was eliminated in Close Combat against the German 8-3-8. 

The Russian reinforcements arrive and move quickly into the village center.

Forward brothers!!!!

The BA-5 Platoon rushed straight down the road and right at my Stug to the South. I rolled for AP...didn't have any...I rolled for HEAT...didn't have my HE shot hit home and scratched one BA-5. The Soviet tank platoon moved right into the heart of the struggle. My Stug on the west edge of the village rolled for AP...didn't have it...rolled for HEAT...didn't have it...but again an HE shot landed home and took out the lead tank.

 Down in the east...the stubborn Russian 4-5-8 with the LMG continued to stymie all my efforts to dislodge him. My failure to eliminate this obstacle would have dire consequences at game end. I had early on thought to use the west Stug to eliminate it...and in hindsight should have.

 German fire was successful in eliminating one BA-5 and one Tank...but my opponent, Big Kansas rolled a string of 11,'s and 12's which malf'd the MA's on one BA-5 and one Tank. And just like that the armor odds were equaled again. If only momentarily...

 The Soviet Sniper finally awakened from her slumber and put the German 8-1 in her sights.

Throughout the game he had tried to eliminate the pesky Soviet 4-5-8 on the west edge. He stood up to direct his men once more...and then never rose again...

A single shot and the German effort in the west is ended.

Redemption...for the Sniper Chick

Turn 6 opened with a Teutonic charge of EPIC proportions. The Game was on the line and I also had a personal deadline, which was going to force us to end the game session early. So I cast caution to the winds and launched my Stugs in a headlong assault on the Russians holding out in Hex R6. This 4-5-8 would prove to be every bit as tough as the boys in the west. 

 ANGREIF...into the building...we must take the HEX!!!

Now kind's not everyday that I attempt something this reckless and crazy...but my Stug hurdled into the building and bogged....the Soviet 4-5-8 did reaction fire and eliminated the Stug in First Fire.

But I wasn't finished...not by a long shot Ivan!!!

VBM Freeze anyone!?!

In rolled my second Stug as it charged up from the South determined to put the 4-5-8's into VBM freeze and leave them helpless before my SS Troopers.

The 4-5-8's only smiled and in Final Fire...reaction fired my remaining Stug and turned it into a burning wreck....

NOOOOOOOO....not two tanks in the same phase....

And just like that the Order of Lenin appears!!!!

 My Germans in the west managed to rally and create a 7-0 to help move them rapidly back into the fight...but it would be too late...

My Germans continued the fight despite bitter losses and managed to destroy a BA-5 in close combat. The Soviet 4-5-8 tank killers were locked in Melee but a half-squad gave their lives to make that happen.

The Soviet reinforcements surged forward to further deny any chance for German victory. My defensive fire was all but ineffectual. The opportunity for victory had slipped from my grasp.

 And that pesky 4-5-8 with the LMG managed to DM my boys trying to cross the street denying me the chance to occupy a victory location. 

 Yep...Order of Lenin to you boys as well.

The Heroic Tank Killer 4-5-8 won the final Close Combat and the Germans were then assailed by the remaining two Soviet Tanks as they rolled over my SS Grenadiers in the street.

Turn 6 concluded with a concession by the Germans to the Soviets. 

Urrahh Pobieda!

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