Saturday, November 29, 2014

Remembering General Patrick Cleburne and the Army of Tennessee on the 150th Anniversary of the Nov. 30th, 1864 Battle of Franklin, Tennessee..."The bloodieset 4 hours of the American Civil War."

Gen. Patrick Cleburne astride his mount, Red Pepper as the sun begins to set at Franklin, TN.

Cleburne's grave site in Helena, AR - 1991.

The Carter House, scene of the Confederate Breakthrough at Franklin.

The outbuildings of the Carter House are the most bullet riddled buildings remaining from the American Civil War.

In 1990, these bullets were still lodged in the railings on the back porch. When I visited again in 2001, they were gone.

Carnton Mansion, used as a field hospital following the battle and where the bodies of 4 of the 6 dead Confederate Generals were laid on the back porch.

Carnton is home to the largest Confederate Cemetery in the United States.
Monument to Patrick Cleburne erected on Winstead Hill south of Franklin.

Ron Tunnison statue of Patrick Cleburne erected in the past two years at Ringgold Gap, GA. Following the disaster at Missionary Ridge, Gen. Braxton Bragg placed the fate of the Confederate Army of Tennessee in the hands of Cleburne and his 4000 strong division. Ever up to any task...Cleburne's division halted Hooker's pursuit of the Confederates at Ringgold Gap.

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