Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday Night's Game - Heat of Battle's, FF-9, The Ghost of Napoleon (Turns 1-4)

For our latest game, My opponent, Big Kansas, selected FF-9 The Ghost of Napoleon, from Heat of Battle's Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Firemen.

I drew the Germans and set up to attack towards the stone building hexes in the village on the other side of the map. A light screen of Russians would stand between my troops and the objectives. But on Turn 5 the Russians get tanks and infantry reserves. So my Germans would need to advance as quickly as possible towards the objectives.

I decided to move up the middle and angle towards the southeast and approach the village from that direction. My Stugs would move into position to provide smoke for my Turn 2 move across the open ground.

My two Stugs have decent armor protection, a good smoke factor, and can do some damage with their guns. They do not have MG's though which does limit them somewhat.

I can't complain about the quality of my troops. SS 4-6-8's are some tough hombres!

One thing I learned early in playing against Big Kansas, is that he never wastes time. As soon as he saw my central position attack, he began moving squads from the north towards the village. 

And they moved quickly and would be in position to stop me just in the nick of time.

The Russian HMG also quickly relocated to the steeple of the church building and began to fire down on my troops surging in the open. My Stugs had made some smoke, but nonetheless a roll of Snake-eyes down 3 resulted in a KIA'd 8-0 and an 8-3-8. The ATR and DEMO that they had were also destroyed. It was a huge bummer, but the rest of the Germans swept forward.

 I hate moving in the open...but with the clock ticking, I had no choice. And my troops made good progress across the battlefield. They were aided by three Boxcars rolled by the Russians. One of these malf'd the HMG in the Steeple. Once that happened, my troops made tracks to cover as much ground as possible before the Russians fixed the gun, which they did in the next Rally Phase.

I rolled my opponent's SAN several times, but the dice failed to produce a Sniper....we learned later that she was sleeping back at the aid station. Perhaps we'll hear from her once Turn 5 starts up!

In general, I'm not an overly aggressive player. For decades...(yes since 1989), I've played a very conservative game and tried to minimize losses...which ironically contributed heavily to LOSSES. I generally do not win as the attacker. I'm trying to shed my old ways and go hell for leather at my opponents. 

So I moved my troops forward as quickly as possible despite the Russian fire. I also sent one 4-6-8 into CC with a Russian 4-5-8 in Q8 that has been a thorn in my side for much of the battle.

I figured my SS boys would be unstoppable...but the Russian 4-5-8 ended up being some tough hombres who in two turns of Close Combat eliminated my 4-6-8.

I suppose it's time one of my Stugs paid them a visit...muwhaahaha Ivan!!!

A look at the objectives and the relative positions as we worked through Turns 3 and 4.

The Russians from the north edge managed to get into the village and the 4-5-8 in Q8 is still hanging tough.

Despite some small setbacks, my attack still progressed well and my troops made good forward progress.

The Russian 4-5-8 with the ATR had broken the ATR, then fixed it, and was then broken. Then in Rally phase...wait for it...yep...SNAKE-EYES...they rallied for love of Mother Russia and a new 7-0 was born!

Now...I hadn't planned on that happening...because if I half-track would not have moved into their line of sight...they were DM'd after all...right...???

"Oh look Hans...let's go scare that DM'd Russian 4-5-8. "..."Right you are Uwe...I'm headed that way now...what's that sound...are they singing??"


Take that Fritz, as I, Dmitri Tankkillanov shock you with my ATR of Fury!!!

A view of the battle as we concluded Turn 4 and called it a night. The Germans managed to get into one of the objective buildings, but the Russian 8-1 and HMG are still upstairs. So some hard fighting is anticipated.

And of course...more Russians are on the way now...UGH!!!!

Oh no...6-2-8's and more 4-5-8's...looks like the next couple of turns are going to be very lively!!!

We'll be come get some!!!

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  1. Nice write-up. It captures the fluid nature of the battle very well.

    The Soviet squad on board 44 did an excellent job of delaying the German advance.