Friday, October 17, 2014

Lone Canuck's Prinz Eugen Pack Scenario#9 - No Sights for Sore Eyes

Having always had a strong historical interest in the Prinz Eugen Division, I was looking forward to playing a scenario from Lone Canuck's Prinz Eugen Pack.  My opponent chose #9, No Sights for Sore Eyes. I drew the Germans and set to work trying to create  a viable defense that wouldn't be run over in 3 turns. I lasted to Turn 5...and took out all of 1 x 3-4-7 and that was accomplished in two separate close combats against two half-squads. So nothing to write home about as the Bulgarians blitzkrieged my backside.

My boys go over the defensive set-up. With only 7 x 4-6-8's, it was imperative that they be placed where they could move quickly to respond to the Bulgarian assault. 

The Bulgarian assault would be led by 4 Panzer MKIV's. And 15 x 3-4-7 squads would support these tanks.

Whenever I set up a defense...I always hear that military maxim in my head..."he who defends everything defends nothing..." but I found myself compelled to defend all approaches. 

My opponent focused his forces in one area and barreled straight ahead into my weak left side. I had believed my opponent would go through the middle...but alas...I guessed wrong.

My opponent's Bulgarians would prove to be tough hombres in this scenario. Only 1 x 3-4-7 was KIA'd as two half-squads in CC, a couple were DM'd and one was forced to surrender near the end of the game.

As soon as saw the attack developing on the left, I tried to get all my "real" units moving to come assist my vulnerable left flank.

The Bulgarians moved rapidly towards the three woods hexes in front of the pond. This would be the primary base of fire for the Bulgarian advance. My election to put a dummy there as opposed to a real squad would haunt me.

My 88 on the left never fired a shot and the crew was KIA'd by the overwhelming infantry fire of a Bulgarian mega stack.

The crew of my other 88L spent the scenario engaged in other less noteworthy activities...

You may have noticed quite a leap forward in events...I forgot to take pictures through the middle turns. I was engrossed in trying to think my way out of impending defeat. And I couldn't come up with a solution.  The Bulgarians were slowed a turn while they dealt with the 4-6-8 with the mortar. They eventually became fanatic and continued to be a small thorn in the Bulgarian side.

The Bulgarians managed to smoke my 9-1 stack, which compelled me to try to move out of the building and head east to try and halt the Bulgarian movement. Tank and machine gun fire knocked my men back and ended that effort.

 The Bulgarians made steady progress and kept my boys from getting good shots at them as they advanced.

In desperation, my units charged towards the Bulgarians including an 8-0 Officer who survived all the fire aimed at him and jumped into CC with a Bulgarian squad. He kept them locked in melee, which also kept them from exiting the board. Unfortunately, the Bulgarians exited the required 20 VP's to secure the victory.

 End of game. The Bulgarians and Big Kansas get the win. Fun little scenario, but definitely needs a strong defensive player.

 My boys leave the field and start looking for the next scenario to play...

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