Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ASL Scenario 14 - Silence that Gun

Tonight's scenario with my regular Wednesday night opponent was ASL 14 - Silence that Gun. This game ended after 2 hours and 1-1/2 turns with my opponent's concession. Some early bad luck took the wind out of his sails. And rather than continue, he conceded. I was disappointed of course, as you never really want to win a scenario that early on. And I think my opponent still had plenty of options left to him that might have garnered a victory. You just never know what can happen. 

 The primary US objective...the German 75 AT Gun.

Stars indicate the German 75 AT Gun and the German fortified building location.

 The US 9-1 managed to DM the AT Gun crew, but then was severely hurt by the German 8-1 with the HMG. Rate of Fire and then the German Sniper left the 9-1 with 2x7-4-7 and 2 MMG's reduced to a wounded 8-1 and one 3-4-7 half-squad. This was the first German Defensive fire and the US had already been dealt a tough blow.

On the other flank, the Germans fire grouped and managed to DM one 7-4-7.

The German gun crew routed to the German 8-0. They would see no further action.

 The US drives on either flank were stalled, so the US forces went straight up the middle and my Germans on the right flank rolled towards the middle to meet them head-on.

The final US move was to send a Hero, and 3 x 7-4-7's adjacent to two German stacks and visible to the German 8-1 HMG group on the 2nd floor of the fortified building. They were drilled by HMG fire which KIA'd the Hero and DM'd the remaining squads. At this point, my opponent announced his concession.

The US troops ponder the lost opportunities.
My Germans take control...somewhat surprised by the swiftness of their victory.

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