Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BoF3 - The Abbeville Bridgehead - Turns 5 and 6-1/2 - The Conclusion - Vive le France!

Tonight saw the completion of Turns 5 and half of six, which was all the French needed to secure the victory over their German foes. Tonight saw an avalanche of good French rolls (the kind that klink in a glass) and equally bad rolls for my German opponent, who could only shake his head.

The French tanks made a huge difference as they denied the Germans rout paths and forced the surrender of a large number of German squads. A really unusual occurrence in a early war scenario.

This was a fun scenario and one that plays fairly quickly.  Vive le Scenario, Vive le Win and Vive le France!!!

The positions at the start of Turn 5. The 3 Building Objectives are starred. Objective 3 was already under French control at the start of the turn. The French would win immediately at the conclusion of any turn during which they controlled 2 or more of the objectives.

My French stayed strong and unbroken and performed beyond my expectations (thanks to a great night of low rolls).

Historically in the many years of playing Crescendo of Doom and later ASL, I have had wonderful luck playing the French. In fact, I haven't lost a game yet where I was the French. Very odd!!! I'm sure that day will come...but perhaps I need to play the French WAY more often!

Once my French had control of the south building Objective, I decided to put a maximum effort on securing the north building objective and leave the one in the middle alone. My tanks did a great job of breaking the Germans, which allowed my infantry to storm ahead.

The German streak of bad luck did not let up all night. The broken 20L AA gun was broken for good in Turn 5 German Rally and that allowed my final tank to just roll northward unmolested. Such a strange feeling. In a late war scenario...such a thing would be very dangerous indeed.

Even Private Le Beau was enjoying the success of the French in this scenario!!!

The bad German die rolls ultimately resulted in all the Germans either being KIA'd or captured in the North Building Objective. The German 9-1 and two 2-4-7's surrendered.

Prisoners of the French...but perhaps only momentarily.

My 9-2 did an outstanding job and secured the north building objective and a win for Grumble Jones...which is about as rare as a French victory in 1940!!!

A final view of the battle. The French enjoyed tremendous luck in this scenario. The Germans suffered terribly to bad rolls and the success of the French Sniper who literally gave the French the south building location. My Sniper really ended up the hero of this scenario.

My brave Poilus celebrate!!!  Thanks fellas...Merci!!!


  1. I have played the Friendly Fire version and it was well deserved of the MMP publication


  2. I need to play this one.

    You cannot go wrong with any of the scenarios in this pack. Finally played Adolf's Amateurs last month. Another early-war puzzle worht trying.