Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pegasus Brige CG - Dusk Turn 2 and 1/2 of 3 -- "BROKEN ARROW....BROKEN ARROW"

Once more, Big Kansas and Grumble Jones set the French countryside afire with the rumble of tanks, the thunk of mortar tubes, the chatter of machine guns, and the cheers of British and German voices as they roll SNAKE EYES!!!

For over 5 months, we have battled to arrive at the infamous T-Intersection linking Sword Beach with destiny. June 6th, 1944 is nearly done as the sun slowly edges towards the horizon. And while the Allies count their successes on all the beaches...there remains one last fight not yet determined...the fight at Pegasus Bridge rages on and nears its Armageddon!

And it's here that we bloody well will hold the line...

 The positions at the start of Turn 2.

6:00 PM, June 6th, 1944...Ike and Churchill, let's listen in, "Ike, ol' needn't worry about the Orne River Bridge." "But Prime Minister, G2 informs me that strong German forces are nearing the bridge." "True enough Ike...but the Ox and Bucks are tough as nails and Big Kansas has never failed the Empire." "Big Kansas you say, well you know my feelings about Kansas. I'm sure the Allied cause is in good hands!"

The British act first by moving a Stuart down the opposite side of the canal to engage the Germans on the Chateau. The British are sure that the German commander of the 192nd Grenadiers, Lt. Hans Hoeller is there directing the German HMG.

 Back on the east edge, British troops once again cross over Pegasus Bridge. Perhaps for the final time in this CG.

Fresh British troops move to reinforce the weary Ox and Bucks...

The symbol that will adorn the bridge for all the days that follow...

 At the T-Intersection, the British rumble a Churchill into the woods to create a trail break. It bogs and the riding 4-5-7 is broken when it is forced to dismount.

I haven't played against Churchills very often, but I am learning that they are more than a match for my MKIV's, which can only kill with a 3 or less...not good....not good at all...Panzerfausts anyone?!?

The initial British Prep Fire results in 5 broken German an instant 20% of my force crumbles as my MC dice rolls stay above 9...

That's right...I'm a MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW!!!!

Churchills march forward...thank goodness they only have 8 MF.

The British carriers also move forward and checkmate any German moves into Le Port...not that I was planning a visit least not NOW!!!

The number of broken German squads is numbing...I begin to fear that my entire defense will be rolled up by Turn 3.

It is during this desperate time that my opponent, Big Kansas mentions that he is enjoying s few sips of Drambuie.

 All I can think of is how much I'd like to have JIM BOWIE with my boys in the German Alamo!!!

The British Phase of Turn 2 ends mercifully...but I have been rocked severely and have to get my head back in the game...

All across the German lines...George Clooney can be heard muttering..."oh boy...we're in a tight spot..."

The words of Winston Churchill arose me from ELR induced depression and I once more pick up the dice and launch my Landsers at the Ox and Bucks!

 I succeed in placing two key smokes near the T-Intersection. However, my attempts to place smoke for a dash at the Town Hall/School House sector results in two MALF'd main armaments. My Landers push successfully from the south. In the North, one MKIV heads to the Y11 Hex to be within 3 hexes of the Victory Location at Y13. A German 4-6-7 races after the tank, heedless of the British fire and nearly makes it. A 1,1 Morale Check produces a hero, who joins the tank in the thick smoke. Hold or die...

You got that right George!

Despite the failure to smoke the Town Hall / Schoolhouse Sector, my boys charge ahead and succeed in gaining a toehold.

Supporting fire manages to break Lt. Sweeney who then suffers a wound due a "12" morale check. Boxcars plagued both sides throughout the turn and a half.

My Landsers showed their resolve as they continued to move against the hated Ox and Bucks!

And sadly...the Ox and Bucks stalwart 9-1, Lt. Sweeney is finally KIA'd due to failure to rout. A salute to a valiant cardboard foe who held the line throughout the CG and destroyed one MKIV.

My German Hero who joined the long will he hold the line??

 The star represents the Victory Location, which the Germans must end the game with at least a half-squad within 3 hexes of it or the other portions of its adjoining road hexes. And for the first time in the game, Germans are within three hexes of it.

My sniper in the South was activated and managed to reveal a stack of Dummy's watching the Canal Road.

Turn 3 begins with fire from the Stuart at the Chateau...a hit...a pin check and the mystery is finally over...but wait...what's this...a 7-0, a 2-4-8 and a MMG....where is Lt. Hoeller and the HMG...where indeed!!!

The British pound forward once more determined to destroy their German foe. Even Major Howard rushes into the smoke filled streets to do battle once more.

The weight of British infantry will soon be felt all along the German perimeter...time is running out...

Major Howard joins the assault!!!

My most feared nemesis...the 6 Churchill tanks rolling inexorably towards my Landsers.

 The British end around to the far west is successful and two Stuart tanks are now in the German backfield. Meanwhile Churchill tanks move to take my MKIV's from the front. In response, my MKIV's put themselves in motion in order to have one desperate chance to escape in the German phase of Turn 3...

 The climatic struggle for Pegasus Bridge is forming as both sides prepare to collide at the T-Intersection.


 We conclude the evening's gaming with the end of the British phase of Turn 3. We are both exhausted.

The British take a breather to prepare for the final rush forward!

The Germans pass around some Ritter Sports and savor their final moments in Occupied France...

The elimination box has some tenants...but will soon be very crowded.

21st Panzer Division HQ, let's listen in..."The day is nearly over and we have been pushed off the beaches. Only in the Orne Canal Bridge Sektor do we still have a chance to throw the Allies back. Grumble Jones must now hold to the last man."


  1. Looks like it's going to be a barnstormer at the end


    1. Ian, I sure hope so. I'm a bit worried that the British will just roll right over me. I just want to play the hardest game I can and go down fighting!