Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - DUSK Turn 3-1/2 and 4 --- "I'm YOUR HUCKLEBERRY!"

The Dusk Turn continued with the start of the German Phase of Turn 3 and would conclude with the end of the German phase of Turn 4. Each turn of Dusk has been tenser than the turn before it. Both the Germans and the British know that this is it...there is no turn after the sun sets on Benouville. And only one side will be master of Pegasus Bridge as night falls.

For the Germans, the weight of the British onslaught becomes harder to hold back with each passing turn. British armor and infantry are massing for the final assault.

And it was at the end of Turn 4 that the Germans finally secured all the buildings of the School House and Town Hall Sector. The high mark of the German assault has been achieved. The period of German movement has now ended. Now the Germans must hold on and stop the British tidal wave rolling towards them.



The German positions continue to shrink as losses mount. The British forces are still massing, but soon will be ready to deliver a crushing blow.

My Grenadiers prepared for their final push...

 The British continue to surge forward into position.

The Germans lash out in Prep Fire in the North Woods in an attempt to push back the surrounding British. They succeed in breaking the British and buying themselves more time. The two MKIV's in the depression area make their attempt to escape. Only one of them makes it as the other burns from a direct hit from a Churchill.

 Next up, Lt. Hoeller and the HMG manage to move into the School House / Town Hall sector. Two MKIV's join them to help hold the German Alamo!

 With all the MKIV's either without smoke or having moved...Lt. Hoeller and his men have to run through the open and take their chances. Fortunately, they all make it.

 For the first time in the game Lt. Hoeller and Major Howard are just hexes away from one another.

Major Howard has moved his HQ to the outskirts of the Town Hall and waits now for the British reinforcements to arrive.

The British assault to begin Turn 4 is a massive movement forward as the British forces come together.

 The British flanking maneuver is successful as the two Stuart Tanks race into the west wheatfield. They overrun and eliminate the German 5cm Mortar Team in the process.

The British also surround the 3 German squads in the Northern Woods. Time is running out for them.

 My Grenadiers in the North Woods have given a good accounting of themselves and held the line for 4 turns. But they know the end is coming.

 The British forces in the North represent some of the most powerful available to the British.

As we move to the German Phase of Turn 3, the British have nearly encircled the entire German force.

 For the first time in the CG, my Landsers reach for their Panzerfausts. Before the turn end, 4 Panzerfausts will be fired, but only one will find its mark.

In the School House/Town Hall...the final German effort to push out the British has begun as the two sides are locked in Melee.


Many Germans die before the British give up the building at the end of Turn 4.

A Stuart goes up in flames as a Panzerfaust hits home. But in the Northern Woods, the British D-Fire of 30+ factors results in a roll of 3 Flat and 3 KIA. 3 German squads cease to exist.

 Tank Kill badge applied for!

The British fire in the North Woods is terrifyingly destructive.

 For the first time in the CG...I lose an entire stack of 3 Squads to a KIA.

The number of 12's rolled in Turn 4 was unprecedented as both sides MALF'd Machine Guns and Main Armaments. You might just be Aliens...

The German Sniper in the South was again active and succeeded in eliminating the British Sniper. A first for me in ASL as I have never eliminated a Sniper before.

 Turn 4 concluded with the resolution of the Melee in the Town Hall. The Ox and Buck 6-4-8 fought valiantly but rolled a 12...and was brought down by my Landers. The final objective was in German Hands...if only for a moment.

Defeating the Ox and Bucks in Close Combat is one of the hardest things to do in the Pegasus Bridge CG and it is never done without loss of life.

The positions at the end of Turn 4. The Germans have their Alamo and must know await the final British assaults that will determine the course of this CG once and for all.

 Lt. Hoeller and his Grenadiers make ready...

The elimination box continues to fill. Turn 5 promises still more tenants.

192nd Panzer Grenadier Regimental HG...let's listen in..."Grumble Jones has secured the School House...I repeat Objective Schule is in German hands. Alert OKW immediately."


  1. Looks like it will be down to the wire though your lost troops will make that stand much harder


    1. No doubt Ian. My infantry losses have been very high so far. And many that are alive ELR'd to 4-4-7's. I will try to go down fighting and Die Hard!!