Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bonus August Scenario GJ011 - "Tough Assignment"

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And always remember, these monthly scenarios are presented for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of my blog.
As a thank you to my blog readers for allowing my blog to register over 4000 hits in the month of August, I have added a third Scenario for the month of August. I was always intrigued with the scene between Dennis Farina and Tom Hanks where Hanks as Cpt. Miller talks about the towed 88's his company took out at the cost of 35 men. So here's my interpretation of this event in an ASL Scenario. Not much real history here, but the unit's and other data were pulled directly from the movie. One would have thought that Spielberg would have shown greater attention to detail, but...I guess movie making and history often part company once the cameras begin to roll. Thanks again everyone for visiting my humble ASL Blog. Much appreciated.

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