Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BoF3 - The Abbeville Bridgehead - Turns 3 and 4...How many 11's can we roll!?!

Turns 3 and 4 were hard fought...but the hardest fighters were a single German 37L AT GUN Crew.

The French advanced quickly to seize the first of the 3 Victory locations. The German AT-Gun put up a hard fight.

My French tankers kept the Germans off balance during both turns.

 Both sides rolled way too many 11's sprinkled in with a few 12's for good measure.

In the north, the French ran into stiff German resistance.

In the south, the French went into close combat with the German AT Crew and secured the surrender of the two broken German 4-6-7's.

Germans surrender to my French.

Ashamed by the surrender of their comrades, the German 37L AT Gun reduces to of my squads in close combat. I rolled an 11...which continues my unending streak of agony where Close Combat is concerned. I am just really unlucky when I go into close combat.

In the north, the German 9-1 and MMG reveal themselves and smack my French pretty hard.

My only tank in the south is slowly making its way towards the third of the victory locations.

I rushed my armor at the German 9-1 and will see if we can't put the Skeer on him!

The shining spot for the French was once again the Sniper, who managed to pin the German Crew locked in melee with my French. This gave me the added edge to ensure that the crew was KIA'd in close combat.

The Blue Max is going to my Sniper. Dude has been my best performing asset so far in the game.

The relative positions as Turn 4 came to an end. We will pick up again on September 3rd. 

This will mark my final post until September. My work is sending me to Vidalia, GA for 8 days to help manage a critical path supplier. Never a dull moment in aerospace. 

We will also pick up the Pegasus Bridge CG again in September.

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  1. Always nice to see the 1940 French do well. Great photos mixed in there.