Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BoF3 - The Abbeville Bridgehead - Turns 1 and 2 -- Cest French Snipers???

After many months of a gaming regular Wednesday Night opponent was back in the saddle. We've been friends since the age of 13 and in addition to playing ASL since 1989, we have hiked all over Missouri's Ozark Trail. This shot was taken on Proffit Mountain on the Taum Sauk Section of the Ozark Trail back in 1991.

My opponent's father passed away from cancer back in May. So many hard days and weeks took the place of rolling dice and moving cardboard squads. But time heals all wounds and it's great to have him back in the world of ASL.

To restart our regular gaming, we chose The Abbeville Bridgehead. I drew the French and he set up the German defense.

 I have always enjoyed the French and quickly got my Poilu's moving into battle.

The German defense was set back at the three building objectives. This allowed my French to move up on Turn 1 virtually unopposed.

Turn 2 was much the same with a swift French move towards the objectives.

The first German fire came from one of the 37L AT Guns, which got a lucky hit on my advancing infantry and broke an 8-0 Officer and 4-5-7. But he rolled a 3 and activated  the French Sniper, who quickly broke a 4-6-7 with an LMG.


 The German 37L proved a bigger threat than I had reckoned on.

But my French sniper was the hero of Turn 2 as he picked off all of the Germans in the nearest objective.

In one of those things that only happens in ASL, an entire German position is put to ruin by the Sniper. This will have huge implications for the game going forward. My French infantry will likely charge the 37L AT Gun, while my Armor moves to prevent the broken Germans in the building from rallying and/or routing away. 

So Turn 3 could bring some good tidings to the French.

We shall see next week!


  1. It's always great when you can pick up again with an old friend and gaming partner. Nice to see the French army in action. Curiously, I was just reading a discussion on a Canadian army forum today about the ability of snipers to break up large enemy forces and stall attacks even as large as company level.
    Incidentally, I like your game diagrams, they make it very easy to follow the action. How do you do the arrows?

  2. Michael, I use Microsoft Paint. I just open the pictures with Microsoft Paint and go from there. It's still a work in progress. Always room for improvement.

    Thanks for the comments!