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You have often read our hyperbole laced blog posts about how much fun the PB CG has been to play. And though it may seem that we me kind readers, we are in earnest. Turn 4-1/2 and 5 were simply classic bouts in this Rocky III like struggle for dominion of a tiny French bridge. CG turn after CG turn, the Ox and Bucks and the Germans of the 21st Panzer Division have stood toe to toe with the momentum swinging first to the Red Devils...then to the Germans...and back and forth. And as we stand at nearly the end of Day III...the issue is still very much in doubt. The next CG Turn is Dusk and it represents the final CG Turn of the CG. And for Big Kansas and Grumble will be Game 7 of a very exciting World Series! Play Ball!

The German 9-2 scans the edges of  Northern Benouville...

Lt. Sweeney looks back towards the German positions in West Benouville...the area is thick with Jerries!

The German phase of Turn 4 begins. The German infantry move cautiously into positions abandoned by Pine-Coffin's boys...careful to avoid entering the line of fire of the Ox & Bucks.

The German MKIV's along the west edge make their presence felt.

My Landsers move ever so carefully...a 10-3 lurks in the rubble.

The Ox and Bucks stay one step ahead of the advancing Germans...they won't be pinned down today.

My 7-0 in the southern woods finally gets into the action and sprints back to the Chateau. His mission...reman the abandoned German HMG.

The Ox and Bucks watch for the approaching German Grenadiers.

 A look at the Ox and Bucks defensive positions. Pine-Coffin still holds Northern Benouville.

 Major Howard's boys remain dug in around the Schoolhouse and Town Hall.

The Germans move through the western wheatfield and up through Southern Benouville, while MKIV's move towards the tip of Northern Benouville.

My weary Landers press forwards towards Pine-Coffin's positions in Northern Benouville.

My MKIV's move forward...German hopes for victory ride along with them.

My Landsers in the wheatfield move forward to confront the 57LL AT Gun and Major Howard's boys in the Schoolhouse/Townhall sector. 

 The MKIV's smoke the British 57LL AT Gun and push back the DM'd Ox & Bucks squads towards Le Port.

A look at the main German thrust in Benouville. Much ground has been gained...but the Ox and Bucks still cling tenaciously to the Northern Edge.

My Landsers continue to make progress in the west, but British fire does slow us down.

My Landers make ready to go toe to toe with Howard's Ox and Bucks.

During the British turn, the Ox and Bucks take major risks. Pine-Coffin crosses the street into the building at R-13, which was earlier acquired by the German MKIV to the west.  The 57LL AT Gun crew throws caution to the wind and manhandles the gun out of the smoke in order to fire at the MKIV to the Northwest. The MKIV fires first and eliminates the crew. But a 6-4-8 leaps in to man the gun and continue the fight!

The Germans get the better of the exchange of fire.

The 6-4-8 suffers casualty reduction after replacing the eliminated crew. The fire from the MKIV has been too accurate.

Undeterred, the half squad manning the gun make ready to fire in Turn 6.

 As the German MKIV battles the British 57LL AT Gun, it's brother tanks run across the wheatfield and head towards Northern Benouville and destiny...

 My Landsers move forward all across the front...but a HIP 3-3-8 with an LMG makes life difficult!



Surprise Jerry!!!

 And then the moment both hoped for by the Germans and feared by the British occurs...The German MKIV's fire in Advancing fire at Pine-Coffin's position...1,1 improbable hit...a 3 and a confirmed hit at 14 flat. Pine-Coffin, already wounded twice by MMG fire is wounded again and a 6...KIA'd. 

SKYPE goes quiet as Pine-Coffin's death registers. A Heroic 10-3 felled by a snake-eyes improbable hit by a MKIV in Advancing Fire. Only in ASL my friends...only in ASL and proof again...that every shot in every phase has the potential to be game changing.

Pine-Coffin's HQ...let's listen in: "Tony, what do you see...?" "Col. looks like three Jerry MKIV's are just to the west of our position with their guns aimed this way."

"Howard...come in...this is Pine-Coffin...we are facing at least three Jerry tanks supported by grenadiers. We are holding our position and will report back shortly."

The fatal shot is fired...

"It's no use Tony...Pine-Coffin's gone...let Major Howard know..."

"Big Kansas calling Major Howard...come in Major Howard..."

"We read you Big is on the way. Hold fast, Major Howard is sending men to the crossroads and the boys coming in from Sword Beach aren't far away now."

 Throughout the game, Col. Pine-Coffin bedeviled the German effort and it finally took three tanks to remove him from the game. 


Credit to Game Squad Forum for a recent discussion about Heroic Officers. When Pine-Coffin missed the first of his morale checks, we initially thought he would break, but then we remembered the discussion on Game Squad and realized that he would be wounded instead. Pine-Coffin remained tough until the very end.

Yep...Knight's Cross for you my friend!

 The situation at the end of Turn 5. The Ox and Bucks main defensive pockets still pose a serious threat to the Germans.

Lt. Sweeney takes over in Pine-Coffin's Sector. And gets the boys ready to hold on a little bit longer.

The reserves from Sword Beach are only a turn away....

The elimination box fills a bit more...and Pine-Coffin joins with those who have gone on to eternity before him. It's up to Sweeney and Howard now...

Silently, Howard contemplates his actions for Turn 6...and laments the loss of his friend.

My German Landsers...prepare for the Ox and Bucks response. 

In London...remembrance of a fine 10-3..

 A salute to a worthy foe.

Across Benouville...parched British voices sing out....!!!

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