Sunday, June 1, 2014

Turn 5 of Day II - Pegasus Bridge CG continues and in Benouville..."The Rent is too damn High!"

 Time for another Pegasus Bridge CG update as we complete Turn 5 of Day II...and much of it went the German way...

 My opponent, Big Kansas and I have begun discussing the Blog AAR's and what the initial tag line should be. one point during the Turn, my opponent said..."The rent is just too high in Benouville..." and a tag line was born!!!

 The opening positions on Turn 5. Much of the British fire was concentrated on the German HMG and Mortar positions on the rooftop of the Chateau. Range diminished the factors though and it was only at the end of  Turn 5 that the British successfully DM'd the German HMG squad...but by then the HMG had claimed a a full 6-4-8's worth of precious Red Devils.

Col. Pine-Coffin and Lt. Sweeney continued to hold the ROW K line in Benouville and have become the immovable object in that part of the battlefield. 

Along the canal, the Germans were subjected to LMG fire from the Ox and Bucks, who utilized their captured Spandaus. That's just not quite wot?

Following their opening Prep Fire, the Ox and Bucks waited for the inevitable German response.
 Lurking in their wooded stronghold the German Grenadiers continued their slow movements forward.

The British Sherman continued to pepper the Chateau with machine-gun fire, but again range was the friend of the Germans.

The German defensive fire opened with the German MKIV's prep-firing on the Ox and Bucks and Lord Lovat's HQ.

And then in one of those moments that only occurs in ASL...the German MKIV firing at Lord Lovat's HQ rolled back to back snake eyes for hits and back to back '5's for the effect. In a blink of an eye...Lord Lovat's HQ lost two 6-4-8's KIA'd and another ELR'd to two 3-3-8 half squads. 

Fortunately for the Germans neither of the snake eyes activated the British Snipers.

Words to live by in ASL...

 The MKIV's hadn't been too terribly successful up until Turn 5 and that all changed with two shots.

 Lord Lovat's HQ is decimated by two critical hits. Lord Lovat survives along with two 3-3-8 half squads and miraculously...the Flamethrower.

 Lovat's command post...

    In Benouville...the citizens cannot believe the Germans just rolled two consecutive snake eyes...

The German Panzer Crew add a French Farmhouse to their Kill Rings. It's the wide one laughs Uwe to his commander.

At the start of the German phase of Turn 5, the wind change die roll of 3 resulted in German intelligence gaining some valuable information. Our French firmly in the British camp...inadvertently reveals a concealed Ox & Bucks unit.

The Germans...ever vigilant see the Fraulein entering a house in the middle of Benouville...

A unit of 4-5-8 Walking Wounded is revealed to the Germans as the French Fraulein tends to the gallant Ox and Bucks.

 In the German phase of Turn 5, the Germans make their strongest push in east along the canal only to be thwarted by a bogged MKIV and two well placed British fire lanes.

In Benouville, the Germans took position to begin a push towards Pine-Coffin's line of doom!

And in the southern woods, the Grenadiers moved into a strong position to the southeast of Benouville.

Pine-Coffin and Sweeney are holding the line and it is quite a formidable line.

Col. Pine-Coffin's HQ...let's listen in..."Sweeney, chap...Jerry is closing in on three sides here in Benouville...we've got to try and withdraw as Lord Lovat's commandos move to meet us. It's a bit of sticky wicket you know with all that Jerry fire...but tell the boys to get ready to move."

Lord Lovat's men continue to move forward despite their losses.

 In the Northwest...a lone 6-4-8 of the Ox and Bucks is moving towards the German positions along the west wheatfield.

And for the first time in many turns, the British Sniper is activated after the German HMG crew on the Chateau rooftop rolls snake eyes on an MC. They survive the shot...but the Ox and Bucks sniper breaks the crew of the German MMG on the west side of Benouville.

"As I was just telling Paul, George and Ringo...that's ASL Mate...that's know...I can't IMAGINE a better game...I bet you can't either..."

 The eliminated box continues to swell with German and British losses...Day II has been tough all around...

The final positions at the conclusion of Turn 5. The Germans have realigned themselves towards the southeast. 

In Benouville...Major Howard's boys prepare for Turn 6.

German Grenadiers make ready for another push on Turn 6.

The German 8-1 barks out orders...time to advance Landsers...time to advance!


  1. Your AAR's are pure genius--brilliant application of game pics,multimedia,and humorous storytelling.Best ASL AAR's I ever read!

  2. Thanks! I'm just glad my AAR's are enjoyed by those who visit my blog. I have a lot of fun putting them together and it's a great record of the game for my opponent and I to refer back to from time to time.