Saturday, June 14, 2014

This is the Pegasus Bridge...7:00 PM Turn 7 of Day II begins...this has been a report from the BBC...

 "Now you Fellas...take heart...the Brits have this fella code named "Big Kansas" working the Germans over pretty good. And you boys know how I'm partial to anything out of Kansas!"

Rheims France..."Herr Feldmarschalls...our aerial reconnaissance shows that Von Luck's forces are still not in control of Benouville. This Grumble Jones Kampfgruppe is not making the necessary progress." "Ja, my dear Manfred...he is correct...the British forces from the beaches will soon be in Le Port." "Ja, wichtig Feldmarschall haf one more turn before the British arrive. Ve shall see vat transpires on Day III." "Herr Rommel, I zincerely hope you are correct. If ve lose that bridge...there will be no stopping the Englischer's drive on Caen. I zuppose we must roll ze dice and hope for ze best." "Ja..ja...stimmt das."

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