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Pegasus Bridge CG - Day III - Turns 3 and 1/2 of 4 - "Pass the Gammon Bomb Ol' Chap!"

As this CG nears its conclusion, the stakes for each and every decision become that much more important. Mistakes can spell disaster. Turn 3 and the first half of 4 were knockout turns, with a great deal of movement as the Germans pushed hard along the entire front and the British held them at bay. 

Two critical mistakes marred the German effort. For those unfamiliar with the Pegasus Bridge map, it has some very detailed and difficult terrain features in Benouville. One must pay particular attention to the inclines of terrain between the depression and the upper level of the village. Missing it can cost you dearly either in missed Fire Opportunities or in unintended dangerous moves.

The biggest error on the German side was moving a MKIV adjacent to the Red Devils. Believing that Street Fighting was restricted to Close Combat, I expected to have a chance to fire at point blank range. But I had forgotten Reaction Fire, which left me with another burning MKIV.  The Germans are now down to 6 Panzers...and to lose any more may well spell doom going into the Dusk Turn. But not to risk them and pound Col. Pine-Coffin may be even more risky.

 My Panzer Leaders conferred with my Landsers and made ready to strike the Red Devils.

 The relative positions as we began Turn 3.

Another overall look at the map...we have now been gazing down on this map for nearly 5 months...

 My MKIV's moved to begin pressuring the British on all fronts. One MKIV was too aggressive and became the target of the valiant Lt. Sweeny...who rushed it with a Gammon Bomb in hand...

Let's listen in, "Hand me that me that Gammon bomb ol' chap...I think I'll have a go at that Jerry Tank...he's a cheeky fellow...but he's got to go!"

Lt. Sweeny dashes towards the MKIV.

And the Germans are minus yet another invaluable Panzer. 

A cheer goes up from the Ox and Bucks!  "Take that Jerry!"

Up Stormtrooper...we can mourn later!!!

Undeterred, my Landsers move ahead into Benouville...

My primary assaults are from Southern Benouville and from the Northwestern wheat field. 

My MKIV's roll forward against the Ox and Bucks dug in the Northwestern depression.

Lacking anti-tank weapons, they watch as the Panzers advanced through the wheat field.

In Benouville, Col. Pine-Coffin and Lt. Sweeny come together to shore up the British line in North Benouville.

Calm as ever, Pine-Coffin issues order to his runner. Let's listen in, "Now look Tony, get this message to Maj. Howard on the double-quick, Jerry is moving tanks on either side of Benouville. We'll hold, but see if he can't send up a Piat or wot. Now off you go Tony!"

Along the canal, my Landsers began to pull back and hold their gains. The ever aggressive Ox and Bucks moved into P18 and look determined to hold the canal road. My Germans are stretched thin and may not have the resources to press forward along the canal road.

In Benouville, Col. Pine Coffin's men fall back in good order and establish yet another tough line of defense. The rent continues to be very high in Benouville for both German and Ox and Buck.

Lt. Sweeny's men dash back after eliminating the MKIV to join with Pine-Coffin's men.

My German Landsers are right behind them...pressing forward the attack!

Major Howard also sends forward men along the east edge of Benouville...Piats in hand...could be trouble.

The British 57LL AT Gun fired till the barrel glowed and finally destroyed the German Flakwagon just before the German smoke screen drifted over its position.

 The Ox and Bucks continue to man the 57LL AT Gun with surprising skill...I keep waiting for them to break it...but so far that has not happened.

The last of my mobile Flak Wagons goes up in flames...

 A final look at the relative positions at the conclusion of the British phase of Turn 4. It was a mentally exhausting turn and a half for both sides. The Germans gained ground, lost a MKIV and put down a few of the Ox and Bucks. But Pine-Coffin and Sweeny together with Maj. Howard are as tough as ever.

Stop it're scaring me!!!

The elimination box begins to fill up...too much German field grey for my like. So far no Walking Wounded have checked in.

Meanwhile back in Southern Benouville, my Germans are preparing for their Phase of Turn 4...

21st Panzer Division HQ...let's listen in, "Ja, herr Feldmarschall Rommel, Grumble Jones is attacking across the entire front. Nein, he has not yet taken the bridge. Ja, I understand....the bridge must be retaken."

Back in Ouistreham, the British forces are moving off the beach and heading for the bridge...

In London...the news is all good!

Major Howard prepares to make it so!

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