Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - The Conclusion of Day II

As anticipated, the final Turn 7 of Day II was short and sweet. Following the British Phase of Turn 7, the British successfully rolled out of the game. This brief half-turn was not without its excitement however. The Ox and Bucks managed to DM a number of German squads. In return the German HMG on the Chateau roof KIA'd one of Lord Lovat's 3-3-8's. And  Col. Pine Coffin refused to budge from his Row K positions. And along the canal road, the British consolidated around the House at O16, effectively denying the Germans one of their primary objectives for Day II.

For Day II, I had devised a plan to take 3 primary objectives. #1 was the hex grouping around the L13 House, #2 was the O16 House and #3 was the British Foxholes at P7. I had left my Benouville line in the I Row weak to invite Col. Pine-Coffin to move deeper into the pocket I was trying to create. My plan seemed to work as Pine-Coffin moved deeper into the noose, but he also KIA'd a lot of Germans on the way (not part of my plan). I knew I had 12 squads and 4 x MKIV's entering the game, so hoped that I could hold Pine-Coffin in that part of Benouville while my east and west wings folded in behind him Cannae style. Again, my plan never really worked out. Pine-Coffin extracted himself and stopped the German thrust to the north.  My east and west wings failed to fold over him..and that was that. I was particularly disappointed with my failures along the canal road. I really should have succeeded in taking the O-16 house. I fear that failure will haunt me in Day III and Dusk.

Highlighting the main events of Turn 7 - British Phase.

Col. Pine-Coffin continues to be the rock of Benouville. 

Additional details.

 Lord Lovat's Commandos left the game following the end of Turn 7. The Germans are happy to see him go!

Day II cost me the life of a 9-2 in the first turn, but my 9-1 along the West edge proved to be a very effective leader and after going heroic, he battle hardened at game end to a 9-2. We hope he will continue to be as effective on Day III.

A look at the refit phase after clearing the map and preparing to start Day III. Losses for Day II were the following: 

British = 1 x 10-2, 1 x 57LL AT Gun,  2 x Piats, 2 x 2-2-8 Crews, 4-1/2 x 6-4-8's, 1 x 2-4-8, (1 x Sherman DD Tank recalled). 

German= 1 x 9-2, 1 x MKIV, 1 x Flakwagon, 1 x 1-2-7, 3 x 4-6-7, 1 x 4-6-8, 1 x 2-3-7, (1 x Flakwagon recalled)

British CVP = 19 and German CVP = 25 resulting in no additional RG Points for the Germans going into Day III.

A final look at the map with location counters in place...and lots of wrecks.

The Germans prepare for Day III...this is or do not...

Yep...gotta make some magic on Day III.

Col. Pine-Coffin HQ...let's listen in "Big Kansas to Howard..come in Howard. Yes that's right old chap, we have held here in Benouville. Give our regards to Lord Lovat and wish him Godspeed. We'll keep holding Jerry here while you hold the bridge. Our chaps from the beaches should arrive any time now. Big Kansas out..."

"Prep the boys Captain Priday. We'll have to hold off another counter-attack I fear. Von Luck's boys aren't likely to give up just yet."


  1. Great AAR. Best in the biz. Where do you find the fantastic pictures?

  2. Thank Bjorn-Erik. Appreciate the input. Google and Youtube are my primary sources for pics. It's a lot of fun putting the reports together.