Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - Turn 4 of Day II..." didn't just roll Snake-eyes...YOU DID! You did roll Snake Eyes!!!"

Turn 4 began with the Germans on the western ridge line scanning for British movement in Benouville.

The British were dug in and preparing to shift their positions to the north in order to join with Lovat's forces.

The MLR's at the start of turn 4.

The Ox and Bucks prep fired units to the west and east of Benouville as the Sherman put White Phosphorous on the German HMG on the roof of the chateau.

As the Ox and Bucks played havoc along the edge of Benouville, the German Grenadiers moved slowly into position. The Turn 4 Chess Match was in full swing.

To the North, Lord Lovat's men streamed down the road past the Cafes Gondree and Picot.

Lovat's men crossed the bridge and gave the British their 8 VP across to the East side of the Bridge.

 Piper Bill Millin led Lovat's boys across Pegasus Bridge.

 Meanwhile, the German 8-1 in the Southern Woods began moving his Landsers into Benouville...Angreif!!!

 The Ox and Bucks made ready to hold the Germans back.

 To the North, Major Howard's and Lovat's men began to advance towards the Germans on the west ridge line. But more significantly, a 6-4-8 squad manned the remaining British 57LL AT Gun.

 Back at the Chateau, the Germans moved the HMG out of the White Phosphorous in order to lay down fire on the Ox and Bucks.
 One of the Western Panzer MK IV's moved off to the North in order to support the German Landsers entrenched on the ridge line.

The MKIV moved cautiously keeping the wheatfield and burnt out wrecks between him and the British 57LL AT Gun. Nothing could possibly hit it with all those TEM modifiers...right!?!

 Back in Benouville, the fighting raged. The Ox and Bucks blazed one of the German Flak Wagons and immobilized another.

 The German 5cm mortar began shelling the British 57LL AT Gun...hoping for a critical hit...

 The 57LL AT Gun prepared to fire at the MKIV moving through the wheatfield in the distance...let's listen in..."Tommy...hav' ye ever fired a gun this size?? " "Austin mate...just load her up and let's see what she can wot!"

And then it happened...the Legendary roll of Tommy Atkins as he fired a 57LL AT Gun for the first time...SNAKE EYES! An improbable hit that resulted in a KIA'd MKIV.

The German crew bailed out and crawled through the wheatfield...but another invaluable MKIV was lost.

This is how I pretended to take the news that my erstwhile opponent had achieved the impossible...

 This is how I really took the my personal ELR dropped precipitously...

 Meanwhile loader Austin POWERS did a happy dance for King and Country!

 Ah..but wait...Snake Eyes activated the German Sniper hiding south of Benouville.

 In a series of shots, the German Sniper KIA'd the wounded 10-2, reduced a 6-4-8 to a half-squad and pinned the remaining Ox and Bucks in the hex.

That's ASL kamerad...that's ASL...

The positions at the end of Turn 4. A classic turn in this great CG...

The British 9-1, 10-2 and 7-0 gather to confer...let's listen in, "Look boys, Jerry's on the move all along the South edge of Benouville. We've got to put some space between them and our boys to create some kill zones for Jerry to wander into. So, keep out for snipers and let's give Jerry a real thrashing."

We will take a break next Friday Night as we celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday here in the US. So our next CG report will be May 30th.

Until then I wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Let us never forget the freedoms won for us at such cost by men and women who gave the last full measure of devotion.


  1. Your PB CG reports have been the best ASL AAR's I have ever read! Hate to see the CG end as been intense and exciting to follow--great job.